How to convert visitors to buyers? (Critique my website please!)

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I recently closed down my site on Volusion and jumped on with Shopify and I'm VERY happy I did.  It's so much more user friendly for someone like me that is not a tech or programming guru.  I took advantage of the initial $100 offer for Google Ad Words and although I've had almost 300 visitors to my site, there have been no sales.  I've been reading a lot about how the site is set up and although I think it looks great, I'd like to get some feedback.  Also, if someone can give me some ideas on how to get more traffic, or convert more sales that would be great!  Thank you so much in advance!

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When you find out, let me know... I'm having the same issue

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I'd love to know the golden answer!

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How long has your store been open?

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Hey Adrienne,

Social media seems to work really well for us and our users. But you will have to consistently post engaging content to see results from this source. I know you're busy and devoting time to social media might seem like a stretch on your resources and time, but you can automate it. In fact, I'd strongly suggest this. Why don't you give OrangeTwig a try.

You'll be able to create sales and promote your products and discounts on social media in super-attractive layouts in minutes. Have a look at some of the layouts.

I noticed that you are on Instagram and have a good following there. Instagram is a gold mine for e-commerce sellers. I'd say keep growing your following by using the right hashtags and interesting content. Hashtags are tough to find and can take up a lot of time. Use OrangeTwig's hashtag research tool to get a list of targeted and related hashtags.

Another thing that you have to do is make your posts clickable. As of now, Instagram allows only one clickable link, so eventually all users are redirected to the home page. And there they have to hunt for the product that they liked. Basically there is no immediate gratification. Make your posts clickable by using OrangeTwig.

And if you're thinking of looking at Facebook ads, you can retarget your ads to people who've visited your website. I see you've already placed a pixel.

I really liked your About Us and it's great that you have it up there. But you need to work on your product descriptions. You need to give a little more information than you've currently given. Material, care instructions, etc. Check out this article for tips on writing product descriptions: Product Description that Sell.

Hope this helps

Karan Jassar
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