`How to gather email addresses from instagram

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Hello people,

Recently I came up with the idea of doing a giveaway through one of the biggest instagram pages in my niche. 

I've seen the page doing it before and to participate in the giveaway people had to comment their email address. The giveaway was a big succes as they gathered 4000 email addresses.
Unfortunately instagram has really poor instruments, from the 4000 comments/email addresses only 1000 to 1500 could be loaded and then had to be entered into the newsletter or emaillist manually. which means that you won't be able to contact ~60% of the participants who clearly are interested in your product/brand. 

There has to be an easier way with (almost) the same results.

I'd like to hear your idea's!

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If you want to get their emails, I would recommend that in order to win the giveaway, one of the requirement would be they have to visit your store (link in bio) and sign up for your newsletter, or send you a quick email (you can put your email address in the post) saying why they like the product or something clever to engage them in your product. The downside is it's more work for them so you'll get less of a response, upside is you will have 100% captured their real email addresses and your leads/participants will be highly qualified and thus easier to convert for more than just free stuff down the road;)