How to get Email contacts to start Email marketing

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I want to start ecommerce business with shofify , ireally worried that Once I setup Website , products then what next ?

If i want to reach to customer, How to start marketing ?

For Email marketing, i even doint have email contacts of people , please advice to start marketing with low budget 



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Hi Rakpa,

My name is Ciarán, I'm a Shopify Support Guru.

First, you need to collect and create a list of emails, we have apps that can help with email capture:


Popups, Promos & Banners

eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest

Are some of the more popular ones. You can offer discounts among other things to entice the customer to sign up. Make it worthwhile for the customer giving you their email.

And you can use apps like to send out email marketing campaigns.

There are a number of cheap ways to advertise, we have a guide that runs through 50 ways to market - definitely check it out -

Does that work for you? Let me know

All the best,

Ciarán H | Shopify Guru

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Thanks for reply 

I will go through information your provided.

One more question, In order to marketing, Is there any wany to make banner for marketing ?

or Do I need to hire anyone just make banner ? 

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Hi Rakpa! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

You can add a simple & free one using sumome:

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Hi Rakpa, 

Stephanie here from Shopify :)

There are apps you can use for banners such as Powr Banner Slider.

Certain themes also come with a built in banner where you can simply add text within your theme editor. 

A few themes that include this feature are Icon, Debut and Venture. You can check out our theme store here!

Hope this helps :) If you have any other questions, you can always reach out to our support! We're available 24/7 via live chat, by phone and email. 

Happy selling!

Stephanie | Shopify Support
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Hi Rakpa,

Josh here from SmartrMail, seems like the Shopify guru's gave you some great resources already. But I'll share some tips for your popups and signup forms from our top stores too:

  • Move your signup form to a more visible area of your site
  • Use a Pop up instead of a sign up form
  • Offer a 10%+ discount for first time purchasers in exchange for an email address
  • Include a free gift in first time purchases
  • Offer free shipping for first time purchasers
  • Rethink your copy, make customers feel like they're joining an exclusive club
  • Make it clear what emails and offers your customers will receive in the future

Good luck!!!

Josh Reyes -
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Create an incentive via a popup or banner so people will sign up.  Offer them a discount or weekly sales or something like that.  I highly recommend Get Social .  They advertise as a social media platform.  However they have popups and a cool header popdown email sign up option!  It is extremely easy to use.   Sign up and check out the free version!  If you like the options, it is super cheap but highly awesome.  The link I gave you gives you 50% off your first 3 months. I highly recommend Get Social