How to get Organic vistors?

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Hello so I own a new shop,, and I'm having trouble driving traffic to my store. I have done a little bit of SEO like changed all the page titles so they have related keywords and the titles make sense with the products/store. I am also posting on the blog weekly. I drive paid traffic to some of the blog posts so visitors are more likely to click, I get a visit, then with the pixel, I target them for some products.

Does anyone have any tips for me to drive organic traffic to my store? Either by SEO or something.

What can I do to improve my SEO? Thanks!

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Hi Nathan!

   I just checked out your page... I couldn't really resist with that URL. :P 


  1. First thing I did was typed in "Happy Cat Lovers" into Google. You ranked second. That's good!
  2. Second thing I did was typed "cat lovers" into Google. You didn't rank on any of the first four pages, at which point I and 99.999% of humans would have stopped looking. 


I then spent some time hanging out on your site. You've got a very clean layout and some terrific products. Great job so far!

 So, you have accurately identified possibility for SEO improvement!

  • Your "On Page" SEO is actually pretty good. For instance, when I looked for "shirts", I found your page title to be "Cat Themed Apparel | Cat Shirts | HappyCatLovers". That's pretty good! Has your site been crawled yet? 
  • Your blog layout is very good. It looks like you had an initial post, and then you had about a post a week for the past four weeks. That's fine, and your posts are very good, but understand that this is a *long* game. 
  • Where's your name? If you don't mind not being so private, I recommend including your name on your About Us. This is important, because one of my bits of advice is going to rely on your name being "traceable". 

Now for my advice: 


  1. Guest Blog. There are a *lot* of different sites featuring cats, and not a lot of hours in the day for these bloggers and proprietors to create content. Consider scratching behind their ears (writing a blog post) for them... in exchange for the ability to back-link to your own site. 
  2. Give out a bit of your own link juice to partners you've identified through tradeshows, social networking, or real-life networking. If there a cat publication you think "rules"? Link to it. They'll do the same. Sure, you'll lose a bit of your own link juice, but interlinking is super helpful in raising your DR (which, as of now, is N/A according to Ahrefs). 
  3. Keep doing what you're doing. Look, SEO and driving organic traffic is a *long* game. We've been doing that over at ShipMonk for a couple years now, and it's finally starting to pay dividends. Keep blogging, keep the guest posts up, and six months or so from now, you should see more organic traffic. What you're doing is terrific... but the key is that you have to keep at it. 

Good luck out there! :D