How to get audience to comment/ask questions on facebook page?

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I have just launched my website on Friday. So far my facebook page has 35 likes.


I did my best to engage my audience, posting up to date news, including doing a poll, which reached 280 people and counting. Problem I have is, I had no extra likes on my page, so far they have all been my friends, or part of facebook groups I participate in. I also have no comments on my posts and the actual number of people who voted in my poll was only 3 or 4.

Just wondering if I am doing anything wrong on social media marketing?


About conversions and sales, so far I have 60 visitors, but still no sales, is there anything I can improve on my site to increase conversions?

Or should I just aim getting more traffic?


Many thanks for your input and help!

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Hey Kayin! 

It sounds like you've made a good start getting your Facebook page off the ground, but here are a few bits of advice: 

  1. Leverage your contacts: if you already have a list of business/customer contacts, be sure to go to the "build audience" tab on your page and upload a contact list so that you can send an invite directly to ALL of your contacts to like a page. More info on that here.
  2. Branch out to other relevant social networks: so you're selling t-shirts. A GREAT way to sell physical items like t-shirts is on Instagram. I would recommend opening an instagram account, uploading a few photos before "finding your friends on Facebook", and then when you are all set up, start posting photos. 
  3. Connect your social accounts: If you set up a Twitter and an Instagram account, connect the two so that anytime you post a picture on Instagram, it is automatically posted to Twitter. And be sure to use appropriate captions to convey what the picture is about.
  4. Connect with the community: as you know, anime has a huge online community. Tap into that! Get involved on message boards, and search popular hashtags on Instagram and Twitter so that you can join the conversation (#anime would be a good place to start). 
  5. Start measuring your progress (disclaimer, I work for SumAll): it's no fun to be in the dark on the effectiveness of your social media efforts. SumAll takes all of your social and ecommerce data, puts it under one roof, and presents it to you visually so that you can know when and how to adjust your marketing strategy. SumAll is free and you can get it in the app store.
  6. Be patient: you've just started your business! It's okay to take time to build momentum - most businesses don't start with a huge bang of sales. 

Keep up the good work! And keep asking questions - the Shopify community is great at helping others along in their ecommerce journey. 

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Hey Kayin!

Don't worry so much about amping up your Facebook likes - you're just starting out! Facebook likes take time and effort to grow, and every new brand or retailer often starts out by getting their friends and family to help Like the page to keep it going. You're off on the right track ;)

I went over to your Facebook page as well. I think that you're reaching out to a very niche market. Which means you could definitely use some reaching out to other platforms where anime fans or generally, consumers who'd be interested in your products, hang out at. Have you tried engaging in interactions on any anime forums, promoting your products on Facebook pages geared around anime conventions, updates and events? Target the places online where your potential consumers are hovering around now - you'll be speaking directly to your target audience instead of a wide basis of Facebook consumers you have little idea about!

Good luck with your store :)

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Hey Kayin!

I think the answers to your question above are great. The advice I would add is, be patient and get out there! As Vanessa and Matthias said, growing your social media presence takes time and it does not happen over night. You are already off to a great start and your enthusiasm is awesome! 

I took a look at your Facebook page - it looks great - but do you have a Twitter or Instagram account? As awesome a tool as Facebook can be, there are a lot of different social media platforms out there these days and most people don't just use one anymore. If you really want to reach a large audience you need to put yourself out there for them to find. 

As Vanessa suggested, Instagram is a really cool platform where users can share pictures, and now videos too, and they can link their Instagram account to their Facebook and their Twitter! Just as you would on Twitter, you can add hashtags to your 'Instapics' so that more people can connect to the information you're putting out in the social media virtual world.  In short, Instagram is essentially the picture feature of Facebook.

A lot of companies are getting on board with this fairly new app and have recognized that they can use photo sharing to connect with and learn about their customers. Even the iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. provides its website users with the ability to like, comment and hash-tag Instagram photos.

I'm not going to lie, I am not too familiar with the world of anime but I do know that Instagram is a global app and people all over the world use it. I am sure that there are 'Instagrammers' looking for some epic anime tees, you just need to go on and find them :)

Good luck with your shop and keep up your enthusiasm :) With an attitude like yours, the sky is the limits!


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Hey Kayin,

I wouldn't be too concerned at this stage with the engagement level on your Facebook page. If you look at some really large sites you will notice that the number of likes, shares and comments is only a small percentage of the total number of fans. With 35 likes you shouldn't expect much engagement.

I would recommend keeping your head up and look at your social marketing strategy in terms of a long term approach. If you have some money for ads then spend it in driving new likes. You can target your audience very well in Facebook and most don't unlike pages so in the long term its worth the investment.

Good luck. 

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