How to get backlinks to my fitness clothing store

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Hi Guys, 

After 18 months I believe its time to work on my stores SEO (I know, I should have done it sooner).

Im just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested methods to getting backlinks to your website. My website is a fitness clothing/ gym apparel / sportswear business. 

I know there are many buckets to try and fill for better SEO but could anyone give me an insight to some methods I could do myself. Last month we begun blogging, which I think is a step in the right direction. 

Would appreciate any comments,

Kind Regards,


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Hey Tom,

One of my long-time clients is within the fitness apparel industry. Though I personally do not run SEO for him, I find success via Facebook ads and niche Google ads. I know that my client recently switched his SEO management over to a new freelancer and results have skyrocketed within the past 3 months. 

If you would like me to put you in touch with him, please let me know. You can reach me at 


This is not at all a sales pitch - just figured he is an appropriate contact to speak to with experience in the industry.



Uri W. 

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Refer to this guide from Brian Dean - 

This is a great place to start from. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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Hey Tom!

Have you thought about creating infographics to get backlinks? Publish helpful fitness infographics (packed with info and statistics) on sites like With's embed code for your infographic, you never know how many backlinks you'll receive when others embed your graphic on their sites. Here's one I created for plumbing professionals:

Just one idea you can try! Good luck to you. ?️

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Hi Tom! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Yes, I agree backlinko is a trusted source of backlinking. While I do not recommend ads as backlinking strategy [backlinks as default should be giving you credits for the years to come, and ads will stop once you stop paying]. What I recommend is connecting with your target audience and be present in the places where they are active [discussion boards, members clubs, advice forums] and give your advice there, posting regularly, building your authority and posting links to your site, if relevant. Optomize your content, so it's shareable, blog regularly and be active on social media. These are the best ways to earn relevant becklinks.


Maggie Tuczapska

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Hi Tom,

To get some relevant links you need to do some research on web and find out the related blogs, forums and take part in discussions over blogs via blog commenting, and in forums as well. Apart from this, if you want to put some extra efforts and speed up the process then here are few additional things you can do:

1. Guest Blog postings
2. Managing your website blog and linking back the product pages with correct anchor text
3. Sharing blogs and products on Social media
4. You can create profiles with your website homepage link on several social websites
5. Check your top competitors' backlinks using any good backlink checker tool, and try to build links on the same places 
6. Give your expert advice by publishing a helpful Article on some popular sites on web
7. even there is lots to do...


Alekh Verma
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I'm looking for backlinks for my website too. I'm a blogger. I'm open to guest posting on my blog about activewear if that interests you.