* How to get the traffic to your shopify page *

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I am looking for an honest and construtive feedback from the members here.

In return, I am willing to offer 50% discount on my store if at all, you like something from it. 

Main question I have is ( as a beginner, I do not have big budget to play with) - 

How do I bring traffic to my new site and how do I market it? 

My site is : woodies-fashion-outlet.myshopify.com


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Hi Nav,

A few ways -

1) Run facebook ads. And to use your budget well, test test test. Narrow down on your best audience and ad creative.

2) Develop instagram, facebook fans and followers' base. On instagram, share content related to your store plus images of your products, discounts and occasion based images like What To Wear This May? All with hashtags because these will help you get discovered. You can find these hashtags with an app call OrangeTwig. Check their InstaSuccess tool.

3) Tie up with influencers. You may not get great ones at the start, but perhaps anyone with even a little influence is good to begin with. Inlfuencers may even be admins of fb communities from where you expect buyers. Share a special promo code with that admin, and ask to share with his/her group with a word of recommendation. UTM all traffic sources so you know where you are getting people from.

All this needs a lot of content and creative. I would say devote your own energy to ads and partnerships with influencers, and put your social media on autopilot, again with OrangeTwig that will design all the social media posts for you, and post them across all the social channels with hashtags and link-backs to your store. The creatives will look something like this:


Once you get traffic, you will be able to study the funnel, and plug drop off points.

Note - I saw your site. It looks very generic. Why would one buy clothes from you and not elsewhere? Contact Us is just a form. There is no 'About Us'. So one has no idea where they are sending money to; if the site is legit or not. Trust factors and differentiator is missing. All this is by way of constructive feedback. Hope it helps. 

The simplest way to build trust us to write a real 'About Us', connect your site to your social channels where visitors can see testimonials from customers and activity in your store/ around your products. When you have even 200 people who like you, or 2000+ (!) it acts as major social proof. 

All the best!


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Suce wonderful tips, Karan.

I will apply this one by one and see the difference.

A dress for your family is on me. Please pick one you like and send me a link and I will get it delivered to your address. You made my day.

Thanks bud,

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