How to grow traffic/conversions

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Hey guys,

I've been running my store for about 4 months and was wondering if there are any tips/tricks out there to grow traffic and conversions? I have FB and Instagram for the store too but am also struggling getting followers/engagement from there too. Not sure if it's directly related.

From other articles and research I'm doing the following:

  • Writing blogs for website
  • Detailed descriptions of most products
  • Apps that track user activity and where they click etc
  • Posting regularly on Instagram
  • Re-organising website graphics every fortnight (at least)
  • Contacting influencers

Feel like I'm not getting as much as I would like in terms of traffic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@dekiv yes i have seen your shopify store looking awesome what you're missing is a review on the product and a testimonial on your side. everything is perfect otherwise. look you have done 40% completed now you're struggling with sales because of not having social media advertisement experiance. give me few ans please what strategies you re using how much budget you spend per day? which type of campaign you re using ABO or CBO? whats your criteria to contact an influencer on insta? if you do not know what i have mention here please touch with me on what's app or on email at checkout inbox please

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Hey dekiv, 

Really cool website and photos:) 

For tracking user activity, what apps are you using? I recommend logrocket, fullstory or hotjar, but logrocket is the best, it can really track user activity to see what kind of problems they might have on their website and where they are getting stuck. 

I noticed you are running Facebook and Intagram, have you tried Google Ads? While it may not be as 'pretty' as the other two, Google Search is still a top way people search for information and it can be a powerful tool to use to promote your store. 

The trick with Google Ads is the following: to use Google Search Ads and not Google Shopping Ads, which is Google's ecommerce alternative. Google has been pushing it's Google Shopping Ads really hard in recent years in order to compete with Amazon, but it isn't actually the best kind of ad you can run on Google. The reason is that when people search on Google, generally they are browsing for information (higher up in the funnel), and not actively searching to buy a product, like people who search in Amazon are. 

Because of this, the best thing you can do with Google is to write high quality blog posts that will have you rank in their search engine to capture organic traffic, and run search ads for your store, because these search ads look similar to organic results. 

If you want, you can try a tool my team built which connects your shopify product feed and imports all the products info and attributes into your google search ad. Basically if you have a store with 100+ products, you can really quickly create google search ads for those 100 products. 

Those are my two cents  

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 In order to grow your conversion rate one should follow certain major strategies  which include:

  1. Adding a live chatbot to your website.
  2. Strengthening your CTA copy.
  3. Offering money-back guarantees.
  4. A/B testing of the headlines.
  5. Adding a countdown timer.
  6. Adding sign-up forms on the webpages.
  7. Adding logos, good and attractive graphics with testimonials. 
  8. Adding pop-ups to your sites.

Hi @dekiv ,

I migh be helpful here with my experience at Addyz . 
What audience are you targeting for generating traffic to your store. Is it retargeting or lookalike based? If you have some decent traffic at your store and have abandoned cart in your store. Start retargeting. Retargeting abandoned cart do lets sales in to your store. Recovery rates are high. I have dad clients which are getting ROAS with this strategy alone.
Secondly, if you have some decent budget in hand. Create prospecting campaign with lla audience of your store purchaser (should be atleast 100 in a given month, for decent seed audience) . Target your lla audience.
Don't kill your campaign prematurely, else it will be a wasted effort anyways. Give it a time slot of atleast 15 days to learn and find better audience.
If you like Addyz app to automate this process for you, install it and explore various campaign strategies packed in with the app.

Addyz is ad optimization and automation platform for facebook and Instagram ads. Addyz allow store owners to create proven campaign strategies and branded catalogues to increase ad efficiency and boost sales
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Hi @dekiv 

There are many ways to get traffics to your store:

  • Free ways: SEO, social media platforms, ...
  • Paid ways: Google ads, Facebook ads, ... 

To get more traffics, you should do more and more. To know more about getting traffic to websites, you should read this article: How to Drive Traffic to your Shopify store?

Hope it helps!

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Thanks all - those are all great tips.

So far I've included the following since posting:

  1. Installed Hot Jar to help me track activity and see what the interface is like from a customers POV
  2. Added a reviews app for all products
  3. Already use a pop-up for sign ups etc
  4. Going to try some Google Ads soon


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I've added the reviews now for each product and compiled them.

I dont really have a budget as Im still learning how to use FB Ads and all that stuff. Have you got any recommendations for budget or how to get it all going? 

Whats ABO or CBO?

Using a third party app to contact influencers - just compiling a list currently of which ones fit the brand.

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I'm currently targeting people from facebook/insta that have interests in beachwear, bikinis, swimwear etc.

How do you retarget abandoned carts? I use Klaviyo to send abandoned cart emails with a special offer but thats about it, is that what you are referring to?

Also, whats a lla audience?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @dekiv ,

No thats not what insta and fb retargeting is. What are you currently doing is prospecting (Attracting new audiences.)

Re-targeting is targeting those audiences which have abandoned their carts on your store and left without purchasing it.

Now whenever a user will scroll through their fb/instagram feed they will be get ads of products which they have left abandoned on the store.

This re-targeting ads have a very high conversion rate, for one of our client at Addyz  we are getting ROAS of around 20x , and this is in general. But by our experience of running this campaigns, we will advice you to run this campaign if you have a good margin on your store. A CPC will be around 0.8$ if you are targeting audience in US/UK. If even one of the user do converts and purchases on the store you will do get a recovery even  on ad spends for user who didn't get converted.

If your store had good traffic, get in touch at and we can discuss on creating a fb funnel for your store. 

Addyz is ad optimization and automation platform for facebook and Instagram ads. Addyz allow store owners to create proven campaign strategies and branded catalogues to increase ad efficiency and boost sales