How to make the first sale?

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Hi! I just set up my first e-commerce store and am looking to make my first sale. I've had about 1,870 unique visitors and no sales yet. Are my prices too high? Are my designs not good? Is the website layout not good? Any feedback is much appreciated. 


Thanks in advanced.

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May be they have found it non interesting or you should offer any discounts or deals that may attract them and make them buy your product.

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Personally, I like your site. I like the shirt designs.

Few comments:

  • I found it odd that there are empty color spaces between many products. Gives the impression that something is not set up right. 
  • I'm on blazing fast internet and many colors did not change when I hovered over them for 3-5 seconds. Made it seem like that didn't do anything
  • If I hover over a color on homepage, sometimes several shirts changed color on the screen. Felt weird.
  • Some of your homepage hero images seemed like poor quality. Like the "dad hats". Stunning images is what you need!

Other thoughts:

  • What are you doing to re-engage those visitors? They say around 96% of qualified visitors don't convert on the first visit. Most  need 3-6 times. Are you using ad retargeting? Web push notifications? Email?
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Just my thoughts for what they're worth. The first thing I notice when I come to your store is a lightbox asking for me to subscribe to get a discount. I like the idea of trying to capture the email address for follow up but I think you're displaying it too soon. By the time the lightbox popped up I hadn't yet determined what the site was selling and whether I liked those items.

Here is my simple formula for selling online. By the way I've sold tens of millions of dollars of products. (I'm the CEO of a shopify competitor)

> Start with a clear headline that confirms to the person they're in the right place. It should say what you do or the type of product you sell.

> Draw them into a single call to action on the first page. For example a big button that says see our latest styles or something of that nature. 

> Once they click on the call to action that may be a good time to capture their email. You say something like "Save 20% for being a first time visitor" and then have them put the email address in to get the coupon sent immediately. 

> Once you have their email you have to send regular emails providing a sense of urgency. Think about department stores. They have HUGE SALES just about every weekend. It helps to make an excuse for the sale. Which is easy because there's a holiday every month. Think Halloween Sale this time of year.

Another thing to consider is a phone number on your homepage or at least a chat bubble. The only people who can really tell you why they're not buying is your potential customers. You need to engage with them like crazy until you find out the formula that works for your product/business. 


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Hey man awesome looking site. Where is your traffic coming from? 


P.S. early days are rough, keep at it if this is your passion

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Here are some free tools to help you convert:

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I'm not your target audience, so I can't weigh in on the designs. So I'll assume they're fine.

But people like stories. And they like to belong to something. Do you believe you've told enough of a story up front to make the designs make sense? If not, they're just designs some anonymous person created that can be put on all sorts of wearables that are printed by a third party and shipped. Can you see how distant that feels? Where's the vibe? Where's the magic? Where's the community feel?

One last thing: this may not be a big deal to others, but when I go to a 'Returns & Shipping Policies' page and it talks about all sorts of products that you obviously don't sell (food, flowers, newspapers, magazines, sanitary goods, VHS tape, vinyl record, etc.), that tells me it's boilerplate text. It says you couldn't even be bothered writing simple, easy-to-understand policies I'll have to live by if I have to return a product. I won't buy.

But maybe that's just me?

Oh, a detail: those are hoodies, not socks, under the SOCKS heading on the home page.

Good luck. Don't give up. Figure this out; you've come a long way already ...



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It does not say why I should buy your products on the first page - it needs a tagline to explain yourself.  Something like: Astra Wear...Clothing that makes a statement without yelling.

Without a tagline I don't know what you are all about .

Scroll down on the home page to the section that say "socks" but images show hoodies

The about us section does not say much about you or the company

Sticker & hats areas are blank - remove until you have product.  No one will buy fromm an unfinished site

The wording for this policy seems a bit harsh:

Refunds (if applicable)
We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

So what happens if once they return the item, you reject the you send the product back to them?  Just curious really.


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You spelt "monthly" wrong for your pop email subscription lol

"Get monlthly specials that's EXCLUSIVE for newsletter members only"


1. Your carousel image is a bit overwhelming. Really big, takes up the screen. The photo's resolution also bit poor, likely due to its size.

2. The theme is a bit confusing. All your product's have images of Astronaut's but then your instagram has pictures of surfing & beaches. Tropical & space don't really mix.

3. The color options beneath the product looks bit off. Was mentioned in a post above

4. The navigation and main menu options at the bottom of the website, should capitalize. Everything is lower case, looks bit odd


Other then that, keep up the good work man

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I've got the same problem with my shopify shop. we've been live now for 3 months and are yet to make a sale. Our products are all hand made by my wife and very high quality. 

How do you guys go about gettingg people to your sites etc.