How to properly install Google Dynamic Shopping Remarketing?

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If you want to check your product id and all the details including tags are firing or not. Use the Google Tag Assitant Extension.

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Hi Josh,

Thank you so much for your amazing guide. 

However, after setting up the code, I use Google Tag Assistant to check I saw all product data in the three custom parameters is right, but with the Remarketing Validation when I put my ID GMC in it, it shown "products are not valid". I was wondering that where I did it wrong. If my products have more than one variant in size , would it be affected the code? Can you please help me? Thank you so much! I use content API to feed products, so the ID is Shopify_AU_xxxx, the custom dimensions in Google Analytics are mapped to same numbers.


Here is my code:



@Quinnie_Dao I've developed a new template that is a lot more straight-forward. Get the dynamic remarketing code here. Fill in the first few lines as directed. It works with Shopify's common ID structure of shopify_AU_xxx_xxx, skus, and variant IDs.

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