How to properly install Google Dynamic Shopping Remarketing?

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Thanks Josh:

You are so nice.

Yes, my google shopping have run for more than 3 months, if I change the merchant center ID, maybe it will "kill" my google shopping ads.

I want to creat new shopify store for your remaketing code.

Thanks so much for your time and suggestion.

Best Regards 


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Hi Josh, 

I followed the detailed guide you mentioned on how to set up Shopify remarketing and everything seems to work fine except I get an issue in Google Ads Tag page: "Issue: 100% of ecomm_prodid values received don't match your feed" even though I see ecomm_prodid values populated in Google Ads and I the same matching ecomm_prodid values in my Google Merchant center.


This is the full error text:


Fix your audience source that's sending a required parameter that doesn't match your feed
Your campaigns can't tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when the required parameter doesn't match your feed. Make sure the audience source is sending the required parameter correctly and your feed has the right items.

The values received from your audience source for the required parameter for your business type may be formatted differently than in your feed or missing from your feed. Click "Download" to see the top values received for the required parameter that aren't matching your feed. Note that Google Analytics refers to parameters for remarketing as Dynamic Attributes. Download
Issue: 100% of ecomm_prodid values received don't match your feed

There is a download link but when I click on that the document contains only a header with no rows populated.

Not sure what to do here because I don't find the error that useful and I'm not sure what to try to fix where.



When setting up the remarketing code, I have seen it take at least 2 weeks for the 100% missing values warning to disappear despite everything being setup correctly.

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