How to reduce cart abandonment rate?

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Hi guys! Are there any ways to reduce the cart abandonment rate? I'm considering adding some more customer feedback, is it a good way to go? Many thanks!

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Hello there.

Please check this one article

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There are many factors contributing to cart abandonment.  For new shopfly stores, customer may be hesitant to purchase on thinking legitimacy of the store. To avoid this, You need to make your store public appearance on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc... and showcase them on your store. 

one  more reason of cart abandonment will be price. If price seems high customer like to abandonment. Though this is not only reason for cart abandonment.

In this case, you can provide discounts to customer via popup messages right in product page, cart page or even checkout page.  checkout our app at customer account  and demo store is at demo store .  on demo store, you can see customer can get discount on sharing your products on social platforms. This way you not only avoid few cart abandonments but also attract new customers by facebook, twitter and whatsapp sharing..




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I think it is a good method, you can try it.


Hi @dominique24

There are the things you can do to reduce cart abandonment rate and improve sales: 

- Offer free shipping on all orders $50 (for example) and up to reduce the barrier of entry for customers. This can also give your company a competitive edge over other retailers who charge high prices or have an expensive membership program that requires monthly fees.

- Provide quality customer service by offering friendly email replies in less than 24 hours (or even quicker). Make sure you respond to every single inquiry with kindness, apologize if something went wrong, offer solutions, follow up with them later via phone call--this is about building relationships! The more work you put into your customer engagement strategy, the better it will be for your bottom line.

- Offer rewards programs where members get points when they shop at their store frequently; this incentivizes repeat business.

-Ask them for customer feedback. Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers want and need.

-Offer discounts in exchange for reviews on reputable sites like Yelp or Google. This is an easy win because customer feedback will improve the company's ratings, which can lead directly to more traffic and sales!

-Send out cart recovery email campaigns. These emails should be sent to customers who have abandoned their carts and offer them a special discount in exchange for completing the purchase.

-Create incentives that are related to your company's mission, such as donating money or items back into the community through fundraising efforts.

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