How to send customers 10$ discount for 35$ purchase

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I want to send to each customer 10$ discount for 35$+ purchase and 20$ discount for purchase 70$+. This way they will be able to put discount code on their second purchase. If i'll create a discount in advance then I can email to a customer that discount code. That brings two issues:

  • that means discount code for each client will be the same and customers can share that code between them and they can apply this code even on their first purchase.
  • client on a second purchase can spend 30$, 40$, 80$. Then for third purchase he will be eligible to no discount, 10$ or 20$ discount. If I do restrictions for that discount code to use only once per customer then on third order client will not be able to use same code he used on second order. If I will not do this restriction, then customer for his third order can use code that he received after first order purchase even if he spend only 30$ and he's not eligible for that discount.

Best way would be if I could generate discount code for each customer and send it with order confirmation email. How can I create discount codes unique to each customer programmatically (hopefully in template Settings -> Notifications -> Order confirmation ). Your documentation states that it's possible to make 20,000,000 discounts per store ( I'm sure 20,000,000 can't be done manually and there is a way to do it automatically.

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