How to setup multiple FB pixels for multiple stores?

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To my understanding, it's 1 pixel per ad account. 

For those who have multiple stores, do you have multiple ad accounts for different pixels?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Any feedback helps! And thanks in advance :)

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If you have business manager account you shall be able to do for maximum 4 ad accounts 

Every ad account u can have one pixel 

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I think 4 accounts is needed. As Facebook policy is quite strict, there is a lot of tiny things that may lead to your account locked/flagged. So when 1 account is locked, 3 other accounts for 3 stores still running. If you use 1 account only, all the store marketing will stop. It's about safety

Also, 1 pixel for 4 stores so cookies will be mixed together, you alway have to define it by URL, quite inconvinent

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I've through the same just recently, I talked to both Shopify and Facebook customer support's and they both agree that in order to track different websites, it would be much easier to create different Facebook Pixels. 

To create the Pixels:
- Create a Facebook Pixel in Business Manager

When the Pixels are created, you will need to connect them to the right Ad account in order to use them. Refer to the steps below if you need guidance to do so:
1. Go to Business settings.
2. Click Data sources, and then Pixels.
3. Give yourself permissions in the Pixels, through the Add People button.
4. On this same page, you can add the right Ad account with the Add Assets button.
5. Make sure to do steps 3 and 4 for each Pixel.


Hi @Tim15 


Personally, for each store we create a new account along with a new business account with a new Pixel.


This way its easy to follow and no confusion.

Gary Gill
Syntech Digital