How to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

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Hi everyone, has anyone tried this solution? 

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Hi there, 

That solution could save you time, but I prefer to create my own "workaround". I guess that the main problem is related to what shopify service do you have. 

1. If you have the basic plan: Then you could use GTM to configure both tags of GA4 (config and event) I guess that the session of the user will brake when checkout process. 

2. You have premium one so you can modify custom code: Ideal one because then you can implement GA via GTM in all the pages (also checkout process). 

I'm in the option one but in order to see data in a ga4 I've made a test and I saw the new features of GA4 in terms of new metrics, events etc...


kind regards!

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Can someone from Shopify give detailed answer here?

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Hi @shamhen, I did what you said and it worked but it's not tracking any Ecommerce metrics. Can't figure out why as in GA everything in enable. Does it track them in your case?

The details of the issue are covered in this video overview.

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Hey guys,

I'm Radi from TAGinstall.

We do have a GA4 implementation in our app Easy Tag - GTM & Data Layer

Shoot me an email to if you need more details.




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I am having issue! I have pasted the .json tag to my header but it is not reading revenue... ? Just traffic

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For those of you reading this that have the ability to modify your theme.liquid file, this video will walk you through the steps to generate a GA4 tracking code and inserting it within your theme file. As of today, this is the only way to take advantage of the powerful features of Google Analytics 4 until Shopify supports it by default.