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Hello guys, 

I really really really need a help because  I don't understand whats going wrong. 

I opened my store less than 1 month ago. until now (two weeks) I've got more than 800$ of sales..which seems great, because is the only the first month. But thats not good, because I spent on instagram influencers a lot A lot of money that bring me a lot of new followers on Ig with a lot of traffic but very very few sales. the traffic to my website is 5,249 visits ( a lot but no conversion just 20 orders thats NOTHING) with in total exactly 935$ of sales. And please to consider that when I'm not buying instagram ads my traffic is nothing (around 100visits per day) with no sales.

why its happening that? I really dont understand.. I have around the 0,40% of conversion, I'm really unpset and I'm very very discouraged.. 

this web site is  my project, is the hope for my future to don't work, so I believe in that but when heppen this I feel frustating and unhappy.

Could you tell me what do you think about my website, and why for you I'm getting so so much traffic with very low conversions? Consider that I apply the recovery cart, campaign email ecc.. ecc.. 

imagine that you are a visitor, you gonna buy my products or not? and why?

please I really dont know what can I do.. Now I stopped to buy Instagram ads so my traffic is just aroun 100visits per day with no sales..

I was thinking to start buying facebook ads, Because I hear from a lot of store that is the most efficent way to make sales.. you suggest that as well?

please guys I hope that you gonna answer soon, because I don't know what can I do now and I don't want to waste others money..Hope that the things are gonna be better but now I'm justi thinking in a wrong way.

thanks a lot,

urban beka. 

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You're making every one of the mistakes on my list of reasons why Shopify stores don't get sales at http://ansuz.sooke.bc.ca/entry/338 :  expecting to be paid for minimal work via "dropshipping"; selling primarily women's clothing and junk jewelry; using Beeketing Salespop; using an email pop-up; not making clear what country you're in; using an uninformative "About Us"; and expecting strong sales very early (within less than a month of going live).  Despite all this, you're getting 0.4% conversions, which is very good under the circumstances.

So my suggestion would be not to panic.  First, figure out whether you can afford to stay in business long enough to get the kinks worked out.  If you cannot afford to continue working on it and maybe losing more money before you start earning a profit, then you should close up immediately before you do lose more money than you can afford.  If you can afford to stay in business a while longer, then look at cutting your costs.  If paying "influencers" does not bring you enough sales to cover the cost of doing so then stop paying for that.  It doesn't matter if it means less traffic - traffic that costs more money then it brings in in sales, is not traffic you want.  Maybe this is also a topic you should discuss with your "influencers."  They may think that the service they are providing is that of bringing in followers, and if you think it's about bringing in sales, it's understandable there would be a gap.

Now that you have a lot of followers, and some email addresses from that annoying pop-up (HAS it brought you a lot of email sign-ups?) maybe you can be your own influencer by posting content on Instagram and writing an email newsletter.  You might also consider writing a "blog" on your Shopify store.  However, it's key that this kind of thing must involve real content, not just "buy my product."  Give people a reason to visit your shop even when they don't think they're planning to buy, and (most of all, though this is difficult) a reason to re-share your content.  For what it's worth, my weekly "blog" is the biggest traffic generator for my store - and although it costs me a fair bit of time, it doesn't cost me any money directly.

My own store ( https://northcoastsynthesiscom/ ) has not yet made a profit after about eight months open, but one thing that did boost me closer to profitability was eliminating small items from my product line.  I formerly had items priced from about $15 to $500, and a relatively complicated sliding scale of shipping prices depending on how much customers ordered and where they were located, with a free shipping offer if they made a large enough order.  I'd hoped that would mean people would spend more (bigger items, or multiple items) in order to get the free shipping.  Instead what happened was they would look at the big items, say "Oh, I couldn't possibly spend $500!" and then look at the small items, compute the shipping, and say "Oh, I couldn't possibly spend $30 on shipping a $15 item!" and leave.

Even when customers did place orders, substitution meant that the small items were costing me money.  I was basically competing with myself.  Suppose someone chose a $15 item with $10 profit, who would have bought a $100 item with $40 profit instead if the $15 item had not been available.  Well then, I had better sell three more $15 items to people who would never have considered the $100 item, or else I wind up behind where I would have been by selling only the $100 item once... even though the profit margin is much better on the $15 items!  After looking carefully at my sales in the first couple months I determined that I just couldn't afford to be selling $15 items at all; so I eliminated them, and my amount of money coming in increased.  And then because I was only selling larger items I could afford to make my shipping deal be simply "No charge for shipping" instead of the former, more complicated system, and I think that boosted my sales as well.  I don't know that this exact change would work for your store - I'm selling to a very different market from yours - but it is the general kind of thing you should be considering.  If your goal is to make money, how can you maximize money?  That should be your goal - not directly maximizing traffic or conversion rate except in that those may help bring in more money.

Something else that has brought me a lot of traffic, though no sales directly, has been writing press releases and sending them to news Web sites that cover my industry.  A surprisingly large number of such sites will just run my press releases unedited, and that amounts to giving me a free ad space equivalent to what would cost me hundreds of dollars if I'd had to pay for it.  But... you have to write your press release so that it sounds like a news story, with content that readers will want to read for its own sake and that editors will want to run.  If it's just all about how people ought to give you money, it'll be thrown out.

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Oh, also - your "no refunds, no returns" policy does not look trustworthy, and the fact that you have no other legal notices (privacy, general terms and conditions) may be pushing the boundaries of commercial law.  Many jurisdictions require you to have at least a posted privacy policy, and it's a good idea because it improves customer trust, even when it's not required by law.

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totally agree with Matthew..




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it is actually a miracle that you even had 20 sales....
the site is terrible so lets look the problems

1) loading speed is terrible
2) no CTA color consistency accross the board
3) there is literaly no description if you think with
imported descriptions from oberlo you will have sales or that it is not important you are mistakes
4) no trust factor
5) no scarcity at all (why to buy something today when i can buy it tomorrow)?
6) no reviews (you kidding? this is very important for me as client, at this point i don't even know if i will receive the item)
7) you try to push them to buy to save on shipping when your hook should be FREE shipping to all orders
8) on the right side you have the top up button and on top of that you have a wishlist button that hide the topup button
9) this my whishlist button hide the checkout button on the drawyer
10) checkout page is super unoptimized -- big deal
11) there is not a single strategy to convert people that try to exit with exit intent on checkout or on cart page or even on product page (you have many visits many carts many initiate checkouts but almost zero sales) you need to get supersalesbooster.com app that eliminate this problem and convert visitors to sales.

12) don't even start for mobile optimization

so essentially you need better theme designed for your business (high speed and mobile friendly)
and WORK on the stuff i mention

we can help general inquires you can send to mobilebeastclub@gmail.com
but at least minimum add better descriptions, scarcity,trust,reviews and supersalesbooster.com app

it will improve your stuff dramaticaly

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You can run FB ads with the targeted customer and targeted country. These targeted ads bring the real customer to your store.

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You're doing the right thing by asking questions and seeking information, but I think the biggest thing you can do is upgrade your attitude to a more positive mindset.

Marketing is basically running a series of experiments to see what works, you gotta keep trying new things for your niche and improve your site/products/content on a daily basis. There's a 100% you'll fail at some of these experiments, that's part of the game.

If you get "upset and discouraged" easily.... you need to not do that if you want to perform at your best level and succeed in ecommerce :) Next time you feel that, just drop down bust out a set of pushups to get some pump, then write down a plan and execute.

On a technical side, your home page is huuuuuge with too many images and non-optimized. Your home page is over 15MB (you should shoot for 2MB - 3MB), and PageSpeed Insights says you can cut 10MB just by compressing and resizing your images.

You can cut em down significantly by using Crush Pics. Start there and then slim down your site... think about what goal you want people to take on the page and cut out anything that doesn't apply to that.

? Enjoy the adventure! ?