I Need More Traffic from my FB ads!

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Hi All,

I'm new to all this so hopefully I'm in the right section.  I recently started a Shopify store and ran a Facebook ad campaign on the first day (its now day 3 and I thought I'd run it for a week just to test the water).  I targeted women in 3 countries (USA/UK/Aus) aged 16-29 who liked the genre of things I am selling.  

So far my facebook ad has reached 807 people (724 paid, 83 organic) and 53 people have liked/loved the post.  But my store has only had 19 visitors.  

How can I increase the traffic to my store from my facebook ads?

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You should optimize your banners ads and try A/B test with some different ads versions to improve CTR. Remember to spend more time to create unique content on facebook page and banners ads. 

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HI Neil,

The metric to keep an eye on is CTR - Click through rate. CTR indicates how popular your ad is, whether people are clicking on it enough for the no. of times it is shown, whether it is driving you enough traffic.

CTR = Link clicks/ Impressions in fb ads.

So look at how many impressions you had (not reach).
Impressions is how many times your ad was shown.
Reach is how many people it can be shown to in your budget.
Impressions/Reach = Frequency of ad seen per person in your audience

Example - If your reach is just 1500, but your impressions are 3000, that means everyone has seen your ad at least twice. Thus is it good to have large reach. 

You say your store had only 19 visitors, one can take these as Link Clicks, if these visitors are from your ads.

At the end of the day your Link Clicks/Impressions should be more than 1.5% I think. Then it is good. A good range is 1.5% - 4% from my experience. Evaluate CTR only after you have had about 1000 impressions, because otherwise if in 10 impressions you get 1 click by chance, one may wrongly rejoice - Omg wow ! I have 10% CTR. Too early... too early...

To get this good CTR the main thing is to get a good product-market fit.

Test different audiences and find your best. And test different messaging - images, top text, headline, value props etc Then once you have this you can finetune your targeting as per device, placement etc

When you have good CTR, and good CPA then increase traffic by inreasing budget. You would be scaling with efficient spending then, getting more traffic and sales for your dollar.

- Karan
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Hey Neil,

In addition to everything mentioned here, you're missing out on running ads optimized for purchase conversions because you don't have a Facebook Pixel on your site. 

Without it, you can only crate ads for clicks, page likes etc.

Implement that as soon as possible.



Hi Neil,

One thing missed here is the landing page experience of users coming from Facebook Ads. Landing page with relevant content and organized with image or video will increase page on time. When you have Facebook Pixel installed Facebook definitely will know the users behavior for sure. Thus, it'll affect on the Ads relevancy as well.

If you drive traffic from Facebook to your product, collection or just blog pages just give a try with using PageFly Shopify app. With PageFly drag and drop editing you can easily fulfill more content and make your landing page more attractive from customers point of view.

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Hi Neil! Have you converted your dashboard to business.facebook.com? Without it, the current objectives that you can run is limited to BOOST POST. After setting this up, you can open your account to WEBSITE TRAFFIC objective which will primarily work to drive people in your website. I can see that you are still new into this thing so no need to rush to install pixels at the moment yet. You can try that later after gaining a decent traffic in your site.