I have Over. 100 affiliates but NO SALES. Why?

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I have re-launched my site. Refocused and redesigned. I manage and post to Facebook and Instagram and get great feedback. I started an affiliate program using LeadDyno and have almost 100 affiliates. But none of this matters without sales! I sold one shirt the first week and that is all!!! I am totally perplexed. Any help is appreciated. So confused! Thanks in advance. 

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Affiliates can be a good benefit to your website for brand awareness. However it doesnt fully mean that a user that has seen your affiliates post or promotion would buy the product. I suggest you look at who your affiliates followers are and what they are mostly buy and what products they like.

Marketing strategy e.g. I sell a funny meme shirt and I would like to promote it and get sales so I invest money to an instagram meme account to promote my product - most likely chance to increase my shirt being sold.

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Hey Kathy, 

There could be a few explanations here.

Are you seeing a lot of visits to your shop from these links? If so, maybe the problem is that your influencers aren't relevant enough in your space so once potential customers click through, they aren't actually in your target market (hence the lack of sales). 

If not, maybe the problem is that your influencers aren't effectively sharing their links or aren't prompted to share when they've been inactive for some time.

Here's an idea: you could try sending them an email with some exciting news about your shop and explain to them how they can pass this exciting news on to their network. The more you give them, the better they'll be at promoting you!

Hope this helps and feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss anything further!

Emma (emma@growsumo.com)

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Yes. I figured as much. It seems from my backend that I have one (out of 125) super active affiliate. I do send out regular newsletters but to no avail. I suppose targeting specific bloggers is the key?? I wish I knew the answer. thanks for your input!


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Thanks, yes I agree. I think some of my affiliates just signed up and then did nothing. So, I am going to try another approach. Thanks again!

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Hey Kathy,

Do you advertise at all on Facebook and Instagram? I get that affiliate marketing is a hot subject, but you need to dedicate a lot of time and money to working with your affiliates to get the most out of them. Sometimes it helps to re-focus your budget on advertising via Facebook and Insta. 

Try marketing tools as well that automate the process to advertise on Facebook most efficiently. Pollen uses information from your website like your customer list, social page engagement and visitor demographics to find similar people on the Internet who are most likely interested in your products, so that you don't have to do any of the data mining yourself. It also automatically optimizes your ad spending on both attracting new customers and retaining your current customers, taking the guesswork out of budget allocation.

When you have multiple ad campaigns, Pollen finds out which performs the best and allocates your budget to the top performer ad units, so that you don't have to spend extra time and money to test them yourself. Let me know if you have more questions. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!

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Why don't you just try removing the affiliate program and find out the problem with sales? I see that 2 traffic mix together: people who want to join your affiliate program vs. people who want to buy from you. You need to be clear 2 of them

I just want to add some idea, hope it helps:

1. In my opinion, selling fashion is to sell STYLE, so that BLOG is important! If the theme you are using does not support a beautiful blog page, you can start building a fashionista Instagram-like blog page with a page builder, such as our PageFly Page Builder.

I know cost is a big deal! We are running Beta Program to collect feedback from users, you can install it for free now.

2. When selling clothes, I see that people are afraid of picking the wrong size or that the products do not look like the images. That is one of the reasons why they hesitate when buying. So I think return policy is necessary. Create a landing page about it, you can use the page builder I mention

3. Retarget on people who visited your site about 7 days ago. There is tons of reason that they do not buy at the first time they came to your site. So that remarketing is needed


Download free Shopify theme: https://www.sellersmith.com/pages/sellersmith-free-themes
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HI Kathy,

There could numerous possible reason, why don't your visitors making a purchase.

We can make guesses about it but it won't be too much helpful. The best way to figure out is to use your Google analytics data. Let the data and your customers decide "why" is the case and how can we fix this.

The Ways to do it - 

Understanding your customer's Behavior -

First, most important thing you have to do is create a segment of your "Affiliate" Traffic and apply it to other reports in GA and also compare this segments with your other traffic channels.

Which Reports to look for -

1. Bounce Rate of your Landing Pages - 

Why - it will help you to understand if these high traffic landing pages are helping you to attract your visitor's attentions and giving you a chance to sell to them. If not then, then optimizing the content copy, image and others things will help you to fix the issues.

2. Frequency and Recency report -

Why - It will help you to understand if you store is having a one night stand or they are interested in dating your site :)

Basically, It measures your visitor's Loyalty. How loyal your visitors are? What the difference between the Loyalty of visitors from "Affiliate" vs "Organic " or Social media" Traffic etc.

3. Device Type report - 

Why - It will help you to find out, what devices these visitors are using to access your website. looking at the breakdown by device type - Desktop, mobile, and tablet, help you to find out any usability issues of your website on different devices.

4. Shopping and checkout Behavior report -

Why -  These reports will help you to understand the complete purchase cycle from start to end. Looking at the funnel steps in these reports, help you to understand in which step your visitors are dropping most. 


5. Goals Report - 

Why - Is Your affiliate traffic delivering any micro outcome to your website even if they are not purchasing yet. Most customers will not purchase on their first visit but are they are doing anything else that is meaningful to your business.

Is this traffic even worth anything or not?

Understanding the customer's Intent- 

Web Analytics data only help you to understand what happened but it doesn't help you much to understand "Why" something happened.

Some ways to understand the "WHY" -

1. On Exit survey - 

A survey will help you to understand Why someone visited your website and what causes them to not make a purchase today. Are they considering to Purchase later or not at all.  

2. Visitors audio and video Recording -

There are some great tools that will help you to do that. It's like sitting with your customers and listening to their thoughts to understand what is the biggest issues with your website so that you can fix them.

There are lots of ways to Fix issues with sales on your website. I can't write all of them here, it will take too much time :)

If you want to learn more about how to fix these issues, You can read my recent articles on E-commerce and Adwords campaigns optimizations here  - 

1. The complete Enhanced E-commerce business analysis with Google Analytics.

2.  DIY - How to quickly optimize your Google Adwords Campaigns, Keywords, and Ad groups?


BTW, I am a Certified Google Analyst from Google.   if you have any questions or need any further help, Please contact me here - Contact Link.

I hope my suggestions are helpful to you. 

Have a Great Day!


Bhola Prasad

P.S. Btw, Like others, I also liked your store and products. Don't stop, make your dreams come true.