I just hired an expert for Facebook Advertising, but we can't start because Dynamic Ads don't work...

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THE PROBLEM: We are unable to set up Standard Events for Facebook Dynamic Ads.

THE GOAL: We want to use Facebook Dynamic Advertising because it is proven to be one of the most successful practices.

I'll explain my issue and experiments in as much detail as possible:

We have approximately 100 unique products, with more variations like size, color etc. totaling at around 1000 products.

1. I have added the Facebook pixel id in online store > preferences.


2. Because by itself it does not track standard events which are needed for Dynamic Ads (ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase) we have to add them manually to the code. So adding:

fbq('track', 'PageView');
fbq('track', 'AddToCart');
fbq('track', 'Purchase',);

3. But Dynamic Advertising also requires certa custom data:  content_ids, content_type (and prefferably also value, and currency) we had to add them in the code:

fbq('track', /* eventName */, {/* customData */});


So this is how it supposedly has to look like. But how on earth do I add 1000 product ids? What's the code that automatically recognizes which product id the person purchased?

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
  content_ids: ['36071558600', '37054327944', '37058860168', '36079626760', '36630278088'],
  content_type: 'product',
  value: 1,
  currency: 'EUR'

THANKS so much in advance for helping with this...



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@Peter.. It is actually a strange issue.. The pixel should get triggered by default if you have added it.. Have you checked it out with Shopify?

My speciality lies in making Shopify work for your requirements, not the other way round. HMU on email: hymnz@outlook.com or on skype: hymnzzy

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Hey Peter;

It's actually a relatively common issue and I can provide a solution.

By adding your pixel to your preference section, all custom events are tracked via liquid code. That's how the integration between Shopify and Facebook works.

To set up DPA's, it requires a couple extra steps. Rather than creating an entire manual feed, you'll need someone to connect your product catalogue and Shopify store. I can do that for you in a matter of hours. From there you can create your DPA's. 

I'm more than happy to discuss further. If you, or anyone else has issues setting up DPA's - I literally specialize in it. Reach out to me at UriWeinber@gmail.com 


Uri W. 


The pixel should be working via the standard setup suggested by Shopify as you've done. It seems you're missing something, possibly mistaking setting up a feed for things inside the pixel? I suggest DataFeedWatch to setup anything you want with feeds.

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