I need help finding keywords please help asap

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If anyone could please help me by going on my website and looking around and see what we're all about, please tell me some good keywords for google AdWords because I need to spend $25 in the next couple of days and I dont want it to be a waste. Sorry I am now and it would help me out very much!

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Here are some ways to find search terms that are worth bidding on.

Google Analytics: use your search term reports and check which search terms have the most clicks and are highly relatable.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner: use keyword planner to find keyword ideas

Competitors: research your competitors and see what they are advertising for. Tools such as semrush can help you with that

If spending $25 and nothing can be wasted is your criteria, then I do not recommend you advertise at all. Or instead, hire a professional and don't do it yourself.

Advertising has a lot of moving parts and is not just keywords, you need a quality landing page, relevant ad, a good enough bid and so on.


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