I need help with budgeting for my advertising

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We have been on shopify for about a year.  It took a while to get up and running and a while longer to get the site to where it is now.  I think it looks really good and we have done some optimization.  There is some more work to do: I need to do something to speed up the loading time.

Currently we pay for google shopping ads, and list in Pinterest, write the occasional blogpost and post in facebook where we also have facebook "shopping" set up.  
My question is this; how much should I pay for advertising? recently I have been getting a 4 to 1 return sales to advertising investment, which was about $15 per sale.  where does this fit on the scale of things and I get nervous when sale fall (like this week, really slow).  Any input would be appreciated.

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dear sir,

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Hello Bruce!

I can give you some advice if you want. We're currently running 6 shopping campaign for our 2 stores. 

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Hi Bruce,

HERE are some free Facebook Blueprint courses on campaign optimization that would help. How much you pay for advertising really depends on the size of audience you want to reach to, and obviously, the better your targeting strategy is, the less it costs you. There are marketing tools out there like Pollen that automate the optimization process. Pollen automatically A/B tests your ad creatives and optimizes your ad spending on both attracting new customers and retaining current customers. Try it and hope it helps. Good luck with your business!


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Hey Bruce, 

Your website is pretty niche, which means targeting your audience can be cheap sometimes. That said, like you said, it ebb and flows. This depends on how large your audience is and how much you are spending per day. If your audience is small, you can set a higher budget knowing that you'll reach everyone faster, so that ad will lose effectiveness sooner because it's had so many impressions.

If you have a large audience, over 1-2 million people, you can have a standard $20-$30 day budget and feel confident in the fact that you're not draining your audience.

With a 4 to 1 return, I'd say that you should increasy budget a bit and reach more people to increase your bottom line.

To your success,

Luis Morales - luis@luisemorales.com