I need the navigation structure on google

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When someone write any website name in google then i want the navigation structure like this http://prntscr.com/cz4gnp. In this screen shot url i have just wrote shopify plus and got the result on the google search page. Can any one help me to do this in shopify?

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They are called sitelinks. Google works them out on their own, and can display them in the large format you exampled or as simple text links.

Typically, only the top result in search will get the large sitelinks, and it's more likely for branded searches, like you made.

You can't tell Google what pages to use, but you can encourage.

Google tends to go for standard pages, like about us, contact us, so make sure you have them.

Google also tends to use hub pages. That is, page that seem to be central to a section of the website. These are often pages that show in the top level of the top menu.

And the sitelinks can vary based on the search query. You provided a good example of that.

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