I run almost 1 Billion impressions per month on Twitter, and charge ~90% less than Twitter. Reach Out.

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Hey everyone!


Being in e-commerce, it helps having solid and consistent ad spend channels. 

One of my greatest ones, unexpectedly, has been Twitter. 


I have a team of about 80 Twitter publishers, combined pull ~200 Million impressions per week. 


We do organic gains on ads for brands, apps, causes, etc. 


Anyone looking for a new marketing method, I HIGHLY recommend you reach out and try this out. 


My average client runs about 10k in ad spend with us through this method. 

We do $1,000 test campaigns. Get you introduced, and get initial feedback so we can attain solid ROIs on a continuous campaign. 



Reach out to me at: hallows@socaw.com  socaw.com doesnt really explain much, but there is a contact form there as well. 


Everyone that reaches out and utilizes this method for their store will be thanking me very shortly!!!!



Love Always 



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Sounds good ! Will that help in B2B business model ?

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