I sold more in person that through my shopify website. Yet, I spent more money in my website.

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I honestly suck and a newbie into driving traffic to my website. I tried google adwords, facebook ads but because I'm completely new to it, I've thined my wallet instead of fatter. There is obviously a ton I'm missing that I need to understand and learn!

Can anyone offer me wisdom to where to solve my traffick problems like apps? 

website: https://www.morninhunter.ca/

Here's are my previous poor attemps:

Instagram Ads

I tried the birthday targeting mode in facebook and using my zodiac sign mug and a cake candle as the instagram photos greeting them Happy Birthday to all "insert zodiac sign here." While I get so many likes, the money I pay on the click doesn't convert to sales. Hence, I lose money.


Google Adwords

I tried so many things from free shipping offer to discount gift bundles and I got traffic but again...the amount I spend don't convert to sales. Hence, I lose money.



I tried, got 1 sale so far for a less than a dollar in in store ads.


In person

This is where most of my sales happen, in person through word of mouth. I sold hundreds this way.


Note: My target campaign focus in Canada, within Toronto. Females as most of my customer are females ages 30 and up. They use my products as gifts. Hottest moment is near Christmas seasons. I view my store as a seasonal business near Christmas holidays. Willing to invest on something that works. This is my fourth business project yet my best one so far...


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Hi Ian! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your products look great and you are using good quality images.

Consider toning down the yellow in the header / above the fold area on your homepage, as it's too bright for an online user.

Add trust signals - shipping and returns policy.

Indeed, do not focus on online ads, as the professionals who succeed at them either hire the experts to manage the targeting, or have spent years learning the specifics, so it's very easy to lose money for a new user and see no return. 

I do recommend focusing on off-line selling and perhaps going this direction [pop-up shops, markets etc.] and have a website as an online presence and an 'online business card'. Best of luck!


Maggie Tuczapska



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Hi Ian,

I agree with the above answer. You found a marketing channel already. Use it to your advantage. 

One idea would be to leverage your in-person sales to drive online sales by giving incentives to your offline customers to recommend your online store. You could do that by giving them discount cupons, for example.  


PS: I'm doing a free webinar this Wednesday where we talk about all the steps companies go through, and the tactics and metrics to grow a sustainable business, and not just waste cash in Google or Facebook advertising. I think it would be interesting for you: How to Use Data to Grow Sales to Your Store.

Hope to see you there!

Ramon Bez
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Hey Ian,


First off, your store looks great. I also agree with the above - I am no "Shopify Expert" but I have worked with many in your position (IE: people who own Shopify stores but do not know where to get their traffic from.) It is possible to grow traffic to your store quickly and exponentially, but you have to know what you are doing. 

This is what I have been specializing in for the past 1.5 years. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you know exactly where your traffic stems from, and there is a somewhat linear relationship between adspend and traffic (and ultimately sales)... Word of Mouth will always be the #1 driver, but the goal is to grow that WOM. The unfortunate part is, if you did that alone, you will exhaust your network and experience a stagnant level of growth.. 

I think you should attend Ramon's webinar, but if you would like to discuss what you have done, or how we can improve your traffic together, please feel free to shoot me an email at uriweinber@gmail.com 

Hope to hear from you, and goodluck with the store!