I want to know shopify Marketing Apps

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Hello guys,


Can you tell me, these all Shopify Marketing Apps? Because I have Shopify Store and I want to sell more products.

I don't know, How to sell more products from Shopify Store.

Please help me.


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You can try facebook/Insta ads. The paid campaign can benefit you a lot to sell products from your store.

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If you want to increase your average order value please try Selly


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Hi Jack,

For increasing your store traffic and sales, you can use AdScale.

AdScale is a 100% automated advertising solution for marketing your store across Google & Facebook Ads.

It uses AI Technology in order to generate for your store smart advertising campaigns that are targeting the right people, with the right ads, at the right time.

You can learn more about it at: https://apps.shopify.com/adscale

Hope that helps!

AdScale - 100% automated advertising on Google & Facebook, using AI Technology.
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Hey Jack I have 2 ideas for you:

1) I have a list of my favorite apps - apps that have shown a proven positive ROI for me and my Shopify clients.

You can check that here: speedboostr.com/shopify-app-magic

2) Experiment a lot
It's going to take some time to find what works best for your niche/brand, but the key is doing experiments for 2-4 weeks, then track your ROI and metrics like clicks/traffic/conversions, etc, then use the data to decide whether that campaign is worth pursuing or not (and learn from the failed campaigns)

Good luck!

Enjoy the adventure!
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Hi Joe,

I would like to recommend you 2 apps as well:

1. Yotpo, which helps you with social proof and makes your potential customers more willing to buy your products and

2. Flashchat, which can help you recover up to 15% of your abandoned carts through Messenger.

Hope they help! 

Good luck!

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Hi Joe,

I think maybe you are interested in our app SiteKit. SiteKit is a free app that helps you convert visitors to subscribers and customers with a targeted header bar.

So basically, with SiteKit, you can create a floating header to:

- Grab customers' attention in seconds. And the bar stays sticky on top of your page so there is no way customers would neglect it.

- Drive traffic to a specific promotion page with a click button

- Build your email list with a quick sign-up form

- Convert leaving customers with exit-intent technology

And as the app is completely free, give it a try! What do you think?

Still confused? You can check out our demo store here: sitekit.myshopify.com


SiteKit - a full conversion booster platform with every promotion tool you need: https://www.getsitekit.com
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You can try discount deals to attract customers. They will buy more items when seeing the discount price. One app which helps you invent discount price and show it on checkout page is Discount Master

Another app, Sales Pop Master, displays information of recent orders. One person buying will grab one more person. 

You should try two apps.

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The list from Joe's blog has a very good list of apps already. I would also recommend you to give Personizely a try. It can help you improve your sales in a few ways. You could:

  • Use cross-sells and upsells to increase your Average Order Value, basically just offering your visitors to add some related items once they add something to cart or are going to the checkout page
  • Reduce cart abandonment with an exit-tent popup. You could offer the visitors who are leaving the store but have something in their cart a discount or any other motivation to finish the order.

To find out how else can you increase your sales with Personizely, go to our page on the app store.


Also, Joe, I liked your list a lot and was wondering if you would like to give Personizely a try to see how it stacks against similar apps in your list.

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The Top 20 Most Popular Free Apps in the Shopify App Store 

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