I want to know shopify Marketing Apps

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You can try this free tool to add your products to Google Shopping, Facebook Product Ads, or Bing Shopping:

Free Shopify to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator

Once your products are added, you set up a PPC Shopping Campaign.  Google Ads is pay-per-click, but it is by far the most effective place to list your items and generate sales.

Google Shopping, Facebook, and Bing Shopping Feeds by Aten Software LLC
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Hello, here are a few Best Marketing Apps for Shopify

1. Recurring Orders

2. Simple Google Shopping Feed

3. Checkout Boost (discontinues)

4. Product Upsell

5. Back in Stock

6. Fablet by ShopPad

7. Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth

8. Receiptful

9. MailChimp

10. Yotpo Reviews

11. Plug in SEO

12. Socialphotos

13. Exit Offers

14. RetargetApp

15. Better Coupon Box (discontinues)

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One app I recommend you is analytics tool for Ecommerce called Ecomfit. This app is pretty useful and simple to use. It will collect and analyze the data, then give you suggestions and warning about your goods. So with these recommendations and alerts, you can know what you need to do next: pick a product to run an advertising or remarketing campaign, and so on.


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One app I recommend is an analytics tool for Ecommerce called Ecomfit, simple but useful. It collects and analyzes your data, then gives you suggestions and warning based on these data. So with these recommendations and alerts from Ecomfit, you can easily choose which product to run advertisings, which one run a remarketing campaign, and so on. 

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I recommend an Ecommerce analytics tool for you: Ecomfit.

With this tool, you no longer have to analyze the data by yourself, Ecomfit will help you to do that. Additionally, it give you suggestion and alerts based on those collected data.