I wonder how to spend 8 hours a day working in my ecommerce.

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Hi there,

I wonder if I could ask you guys for some help about how to run my ecommerce.

We are a couple spending more than 8 hours a day running our online shop. We are working hard creating new content: rewriting product descriptions, new entries in our blog...

Our feelings are that we are working a lot but we are not doing the right thing. I know it's difficult to tell exactly the recipe for success but is there anyone that could give us any clue about how to spend our time in the right direction?

For instance, half time writing content, 1 hour trying to get backlinks... 'Cause, are backlinks really important?

Honestly, we feel we are lost! :( Anyway, getting better every month very slow! :)

All the best,


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It depends on your website industry and many other factors. pls post a link of the website. I'll try to look and give some brief advice on what to do most importantly