Ideas on how to create first 50 reviews with photos/video feeback

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I'm a graphic designer and don't have experience with online marketing. After I got burned by an online marketing agency Madwire with 2K, I understood that I need to take over and learn to do the marketing myself (talking about an expensive lesson:). So, since my budget for paid ads is gone, I decided to offer free vouchers for some of my products against a review with a photo or video. Do you think that's a good idea? I'm thinking also of including the logo of the company on the product in a visible part. (see attached photo). I'll really appreciate your feedback guys if that's a good idea for effective marketing. 

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Hi Theo,

Great idea! From my experience I have seen that buyers really have to be chased to send in photos and videos. The incentive you mentioned should help though.

On the whole though the idea is really good! This will lend a lot of credibility to your store; add social proof.

Meanwhile, you can make the testimonials at your end, and then when the photos and videos come in, use those. Auto-design the testimonials using OrangeTwig. Use text reviews you may already have from your buyers. 

While you are a deisgner and have the skills, OrangeTwig will save you lots of time, as it applies templates made by design professionals. Also it makes 100s of posts in go; something a human just cannot do. You will have the option of customizing the designs to fit with your brand look. Plus OrangeTwig will share the designs on all the social channels automatically.

Here is what testimonials created on OrangeTwig will look like:

As a new marketer, it's good to concentrate on customer acquisition, running fb ads, partnering with other brands for exposure instead. Automate whatever you can that is a time-sucker.

All the best!



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