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I have had an ecommerce website - for over 15 years. I just moved it to Shopify about 6 months ago. I lost 90% of my google traffic at conversion. I am still trying to get it back. I used to have about 3000 pictures indexed. I now have 0. Can anyone please tell me why and what I can do to get them indexed. They are the same pictures with the same file names plus newer and higher quality ones. Google dashboard shows about 1100 have been submitted to google but 0 indexed. 

I have loaded the site map and it was accepted. 

Also I am using https and the site is verified but not

A rep in shopify support said that shouldn't matter - Is that correct? I would love any help I can get.







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Your website uses www so you need to verify that one and submit your sitemap there:

A site: search in Google images shows you do have images indexed. There seems to be a mix of old images, collection page images and product page images.

I idi an image search for one of your indexed product images (Nacon Japanese Floral Compact), and it came up top. 




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Are your indexation issues sorted Allison?

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