In urgent need for traffic, should I buy it?

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Hello community,

My store is desperately needing traffic, that's about it, I can't really evaluate it if I don't have enough traffic in order to see what really works and what not. I've been doing a little research and found a bunch of places offering "Paid traffic", "Organic traffic", Targeted traffic", different options, prices and categories. I don't want to pay a robot to send fake traffic to my site, which I already did and meant not even one sale.

So, if you have a recommendation to buy REAL ORGANIC TARGETED TRAFFIC, please let me know.

Thank you so very much in advance!


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Hey Joseph,

Why would you buy fake traffic expecting a sale? also, why would you buy fake traffic in the first place? there is one reason you would buy fake traffic, but I don't think based on your post it was for that reason. 

You can't buy organic traffic, as it's organic traffic. 

You can take out paid ads and get ads traffic, and see if that results in some sales. Set up some conversion funnels in GA and find out where people are leaving during the funnel etc. 

Can do some Facebook ads, and then go through that data to better understand who is clicking on your ads and spend more time targeting that audience. 


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Hi Joseph

I have been using a site called to increase my instagram followers. I went from 100 to 4000 in 6 months, and have seen a increase in traffic and sales. You might want to take a look. Have a great day


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HI Joseph,

You are looking for paid traffic right!! If you need traffic for selling purpose then go for organic first.If it won't work then go for Adwords.Give some ads based on your products.If it works then go for paid to all the products.

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Go with Search Ads. Most targeted ads you can get. People are literally searching for your product on Google. 

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Why would you buy traffic? Any data you get from that traffic is all wrong data anyway, because they are not real users!


Leverage what you already have, and for free. Do it with OrangeTwig.

Basically this will post your products across all the social channels, so that people who know about your store but have forgotten will look at the post.. say "Ahh..nice shoes/dress or whatever" and visit your store. This way you will get traffic from a good audience. You will tap into people who already know about you. And this way it will most likely result in sales. 

We are always thinking about acquisition, but engagement is very important in ecommerce because we want repeat sales right? Or even a first time sale from a person who would buy, let's say on their 3rd of 4th visit, after they have strolled in your online store a few times.

And yes, with OrangeTwig post on social media with pulls and hooks, like posts that say "Buy Now" or announce sales, like this:

Ok then, all the best! Give OrangeTwig a try.



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Hello JB,
Grace from SEO Doctor here.

As Harinadh said, if you need traffic for selling purposes, then go for Organic first.

One of the natural ways to get organic traffic is SEO. Have you considered it? Also, did you know that SEO techniques can get your website to Google first page and get you the traffic you need? 

For starters, checkout this amazing App: You will thank me later.


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Hi StaffMember! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Great replies so far and I agree, getting traffic, especially if you pay for it, is easy and as you found out, accesible. However getting ANY traffic won't bring sales, as the visitors won't be necessarily wanting to purchase your particular products. However, if getting any traffic is your priority, I would recommend hosting a contest/giveaway and advertise it on all major competition sites - national and worldwide. This ca bring you tons of free traffic in a matter of hours. Be wary though, the traffic will come from freebie hunters, and not potential customers. But if you want a spike in traffic, and get on Google's radar, that's definitely a good route to take.

Best of luck!

Maggie Tuczapska

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You should try SEO...Create good content with relevant search terms and publish on your blog.

Try and fix up you meta tags include relevant keyword/s in there.

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If you want traffic to your website or blog, there are 2 ways on how to get traffic: ad traffic or organic traffic.

Ad traffic,basically, you will use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads (Twitter has one too) to make ad for your website and blog. And people who see your ad might click on it.

The other one is organic or targeted traffic. You will get it by hiring SEO company to do SEO services to your site. 2 of their major services are On Page and Off Page SEO Optimizations.

To learn more, you should try seodataservice website and see what they can offer.

Basically, On Page Optimizations are things they do within your website or blog. While Off Page Optimizations, most likely, it is the marketing and promotion of your blog outside of your website. Some of them are Social Media Sites, Social Bookmarting Sites and a lot more.