Index problem with my top of page

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I just have launched my pages a week ago(

and I tried to send xml file to Search console to be fetched several times ,but it shows: couldn`t fetched.

I assume this is because robots.txt status is disallowed.(

However, shopify support says you cannot edit robots.txt status.

this topic says need new primary domain to be crawled by google:

Is there any other way to crawled by google?

or Is there any other cause to prevent my pages from google crawling?



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Hi @hafuuu 

As you said, the reason is your robot.txt file disallows Google bots so that bots can not visit your URLs and as a result, your pages don't get indexed.

To solve this issue you should change your robot.txt to allow status. Also, this guide: How to get your online shop on Google would help your pages get indexed more quickly.

Hope it helps!

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