Indexation and quality of auto translated content

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We usually need large amounts of english content. We use different approaches to generate it. We have already tested several text auto translation services. We found out that different language pairs provide different-quality results. The best results we got for de-en (from German to English). The result text is not ideal, but rather better than other pairs. For example:

Source text

Ludwig von Mises gilt zweifellos als einer der größten Intellektuellen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Es gibt kaum ein wirtschaftliches Thema, auf das der Philosoph des Liberalismus und Vordenker der Österreichischen Schule der Nationalökonomie in seinen Publikationen nicht eingegangen ist. Das Faszinierende daran:

Seine Gedankengänge sind noch immer brandaktuell, seine Denkanstöße, wie zum Thema Mindestlohn, erschreckend visionär.

Michael Ladwig hat in liebevoller Detailarbeit das umfangreiche Werk Ludwig von Mises’ analysiert und ein Lexikon zusammengestellt, das eine Orientierungshilfe in seiner Philosophie bietet. Leicht verständliche Artikel beleuchten Mises’ Gedanken von A wie Anarchismus bis Z wie Zwang, mal in ein paar Sätzen auf den Punkt gebracht, mal über mehrere spannende Seiten.

Autotranslated text

Ludwig von Mises is without a doubt one of the greatest Intellectuals of the 20th century. Century. There is hardly an economic subject, the philosopher of liberalism, and thinkers of the Austrian school of Economics in its publications is not addressed. The Fascinating thing is:

His thoughts are always up to date, its food for thought, as to the topic of minimum wage, terrifying visionary.

Michael Ladwig has analysed in loving detail the extensive work of Ludwig von Mises’ and a lexicon is compiled, which provides a guidance in his philosophy. Easy-to-understand article Mises’ thoughts of A like anarchism to Z as in forced, time in a couple of sentences to the point light, at other times about several exciting pages.



1. Do you have any recommendations on how to increase auto translation quality?

2. What language pairs or tricks do you use for qualified autotranslated content generation?

3. Have anyone experimented on indexation and pushing to top of the webpages with the auto translated content?

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Question 3: I think relates to Search engine indexing and ranking?

It can work, but bear in mind that Google considers it as auto-generated content and something that is against their guidelines:

"Text translated by an automated tool without human review or curation before publishing"!category-topic/webmasters/chit-chat/thnt2ShGjDQ!topic/webmasters/NgpwVPnNo5k/discussion



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Hi There,

Alex here, from the Shopify team. 

Automizing automated language translations is an interesting subject. While the algorithms are constantly improving, we're not yet at a place where technology makes translation seamless. Choosing the right synonym depends on the nuances of context andwe have a few years yet to go before we're relying on automated translations to sound 100% natural. 

I may be wrong but it sounds like you're looking for many language options for single site so I understand that manually customizing each translatoon may not be feasible. Paring sister languages is an intelligent solution: German and English, Spanish and French, etc.. 

If you haven't seen the app Windrose yet it's worth checking out. This tool helps with automated translations. 

Alternatively if there are any specific languages that your visitors use regularly you might consider using an app like Langify to manually translate those particular ones.


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