Influencers The Best?

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I recently spent around 300-400 on FB ads and got around 18 orders. Roughly 500 in revenue which is not great. So I decided to use the $180 I had left to test influencers.


I used a method of sending my product for free to influencers in exchange for promotion. So with my $180 I got around 10 influencers together for promotion and sent out my product.

Took about 7 days to arrive and they all made their own content and promoted my product and the results were insane!

I got around 5-6 sales per influencer a total of 55 sales. I spent $180 and made almost $2k in sales! Now if that isn't a good ROI I dont know what is.


Total profits are about $500 profit. Which is absolutely nuts. So I guess moral of the story is don't limit yourselves to one platform, use both! Now I have 55 total orders and if I run it again with 10 more influencers I will have close to enough to start LAA on FB ads.


AND I can use the content the influencers created for ads. I'm starting to think influencers are best for starting out and building data instead of wasting thousands testing FB ads.

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So true! I couldn't agree more! Instagram and Facebook are so over-saturated with paid advertisements right now. Influencers are able to relate to consumers in a way that feels really authentic and genuine. 


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