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First impressions ARE everything, especially when referring to websites. Your brand identity, overall appearance, content arrangement, and fresh/useful material are essential to engaging visitors. If your site isn't appealing, people won't stay around. Fortunately, investing in a captivating identity and web interface can result in tons of VERY easy traffic. If you are the creative type, take the time to produce a stunning theme. If you've come to grips with your lack-of-creativity, hire somebody -- "shameless self-promotion": -- to build a theme for you. The money you pay for a designer will pay for itself very quickly. Okay, once you've got a beautiful website launched, submit it to every inspiration gallery under the sun! I've provided a list of a few major galleries here, but there are dozens more out there. * "CSS Mania": * "CSS Tux": * "Net Cocktail": * "CSS Import": * "Inspiration King": I've also created a "Ma.gnolia Group": with many more galleries. "Zeniltuo": provides tons of galleries on one page. Finally, "CSS Insert": will submit your site to several galleries all at once. This little statistic should help reveal the validity of this technique. Every Shopify website I've built receives between 15,000 and 30,000 hits directly from these galleries in the first month alone!
Jared Burns, CEO at Getsy (
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Great Post Jared. I must say that your studio’s designs are beautiful. What does a site design by you go for? You can contact off the forum if you’d like. dwright at ddrecreational dot com

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