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Hi shopifiers!


We launched last Sunday and have been somewhat successful with over 12,000 visits to the site ( We're an Australian retail store but the majority of our traffic has come from the US which we were not expecting!

Can anybody please help make suggestions on what Instagram models we could contact to collaborate with?

Looking for girls under the age of 25 with big followings. All suggestions welcome. Thanks very much! :)

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​I mean, warm greatings for my colleages.

I've experience in such promo since 2014.

Feel free to contact me, my contacts in bio.
This shot was made with one blogger for gift-cat-project.

​I also checked your web and Inst-acc. WOW!
​You've done great job. Really! Keep it high.
Also can offer 1000 - 5000 relevant visitors on your web via Instagram.

​Best Wishes, Jared

Instagram and Periscope traffic expert Feel free to write me: skype: Nick.Lobanov WAp & Viber: +7 913 780 4563 e-mail:
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Hi, Jared!

​First of all, you've done great job with website, instagram and your photo collections.
​My respect for such qualified marketing. Really cool, man!

​Next thing, I want to share my experience with you.
​I've bought a lot of shoot-out since 2014. Here, take some nice one))
It is last one for my project.

So, in my experience 90% advertisors just spending money via bloggers.

​Why do I say so? Well, I also spend a lot))
Reasons are simple: almost nobody analyze blogger audience well (just number of followers, likes and comments), no clear vision of goals and strategy, copyrighting from model and many others.

​I want to rescue you and give "1-2-3-$" algoritm.

So, here we go:
1. Make counterble goals, especially in ROI per 1$
​2. Find bloggers via special marketplace
​3. Try to make detail analisys of audience, get appr.% of audience that you need
(due to your goals it can be 5 - 35% of all followers, never seen + 50%)
4. Shortlist for small test (not more than 50$ per person, even for 2-h shotout)
​Huh. are you tired? We have just began!
5. Held testes, fixed the results (check common follower before and after shoot-out)
​6. Analize whom of bloggers are good to be your brand advocate.
​7. Start series of 2-5 post, anounce diveaway in last one.
​8. Pay blogger after the end advertising company (it is normal after test and sending your gift)
​9. Make max. valueable giveaway, so big as you can. (you can also make in group with other companies)
​10. Give every participant discount code to get measure of result easier.

​That's all.
There are a lot of other ways to get traffic from Instagram.
​If you are interested in, just write me an e-mail.

​Sincerely, Nick.