Instagram growth/engagement has slowed

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Would really love to hear about other people's experience in this area and if they have had similar situations. We launched about 6 months ago. At the start we were averaging about 30 new followers per day on IG. Then as we grew, we got all the way up to about 90 new followers per day. But now we are back down to 20ish new followers a day for some reason.

Also, it seems like our engagement for each post has gone down even though we have a much higher number of followers than a few months ago. As of today, we are just over 4700 followers and are getting around 200 likes per post. But Jan/Feb we were getting 300 likes per post with about half the number of followers. And the data IG provides like impressions is reflecting the same trends.

Any advice or insight on this would be much appreciated. We don't understand if this is because our content isn't resonating to our audience like it once did, or because Instagram's algorithm is ranking our posts differently than before, or some other reason.

Feel free to take a look at our Instagram page and let us know what you think:

Here's our store as well for reference:

Thank you!