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Hi! I am new to Shopify and ecommerce, I  launchedmy online store (print on demand)3 days ago. My niche are millennial dog lovers, mostly in Puerto Rico (the page is in spanish) and puertorricans and/or latin americans in the USA. I am a little overwhelmed by all the overflow of instructions and information, since I am doing it all alone for now. You tube and emails to Shopify etc.. have been my teachers.


Now I am finishing setting up my social media, but still struggling a little with both Facebook (4 Patas Puerto Rico) and Instagram (4patas_pr). I want to tag my products on instagram, and they are still in review. How much time do I have to wait? What can I do?  In Facebook my products are approved.  


It shouldn't take more than a 48hrs to a week for Insta approval. You should start a ticket if it takes longer than that!

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