Instagram influencers, your experience

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Hi everyone!


How do you know if Instagram influencer will bring clients or at least visitors to your shop? Because if you pay them and they didn't bring people then it looks like a charity. Also, i see often many influencers who promote products and under those posts the least amount of comments (even with well-written caption), that means probably no buyers/followers. 


What is your overall experience? 



We advice clients against influencer marketing unless their is a performance fee in place. i.e. the influencers can prove they drove revenue and then and only then do we pay them a fee. Just talking about a product and having lots of followers (which could be bought & fake) does not mean they are going to boost your business. Also, I would look for influencers that already talk about your brand, competitors brand or industry in general. Don't just go after influencers that have lot of followers/likes/comments as those all can be bought and sold for a few dollars. You want influencers who are genuinely already interested in your brand/industry and competitors.

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Really good tips DuaneBrown!

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