Is $30.00 per day spent on AdWords too much for a new store?

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do be too dependant on their advice. You know your customers better than they do so make sure to evaluate the "quality" of the click-throughs. Was it Orwell that said ...All customers were created equal (but some customers more equal than others)


Hi Vince,

I would suggest you to check website users behaviour on your web pages & checkout flow through google analytics. You can try heatmap as well to understand your visitors behaviour.

You are getting around 120 unique visitors but not getting sales. That means, something is holding them to buy your proudcts. Review your products pages and flow of your website.

Try some promotions as well with different discount offers.

You can try google merchant centre (google shopping). It cheaper than adwords search ads PPC.

I would suggest to divide your budget like this $20/Day for Google Adwords & $10/Day for Facebook adwords. In facebook don't promote your post rather than create facebook ads and promote it.

If you have any question then feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to help you.


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$30.00 a day? I think @30 you are throwing your money away unless you are converting the traffic into sales. I do adwords myself but @2.50 a day and I'm happy with those results. Your store has only been live for a month as you state, I would look at (free) measures first before I would start coughing up $30 a day.

Work on the SEO side of your store. Websites are a long term investment, you might not get results right away but just keep plugging away. SEO is everything. Cheers!

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Hi Vince you have already had some pretty good feedback. So i will keep this brief.

The amount you spend on Adwords should be relative to your budget, the revenue that you get from that Adwords Traffic and your profit margins. (being careful to ensure that Adwords is not simply moving sales from organic search to Adwords, you should be looking to see an increase in revenue from the Adwords channel while maintaining the same sales from all your other channels).

In a really simple term if your spend $10 on Adwords and this generates $100 of Gross Revenue of which you are making $30 in profit after accounting for taxes , cost of goods , postage and Adwords then its probably worth making the investment. You may want to increase the amount you spend a little at a time until you get to a point where you don't get a proportion return on that investment.

As a rule of thumb I tend to aim to bring in at least 7$ for each $1 i spend. Although this is specific to my abusiness and my average order values, your may be very different. 

In reality it is likely that there is not an ideal amount to spend every week. In the run up to Christmas there is likely to me a lot more demand and therefore your likely to get more conversions the more you spend so you can increase spend so you'd want to put more of your annual spend into that period. You might not get the same return in jan or feb so you may want to reduce spend then.

Obviously you need to maximize return whatever youe spend so you will want to research keywords and look at different ways to optimize your ads.


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Hi...i am a new user here. As well as i am new to digital marketing field. I thinnk you should review all search terms your ads show up for. Are they terms that people search on when your are about to buy your products? Terms like "I want to buy a xxxx" are far more likely to be of value to you than "my xxxx is broken". If your seen broad terms without buying intent, tighten up your keyword choices, use exact, phrase, modified broad and negative keywords to control things better.

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$30 is not much, it's important that you measure the Adwords Conversion. 


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