Is AMP the next big thing for Shopify?

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Google has a lot of power to push AMP as a standard but I'm not sure if it "is the future" - AMP is a solution that tries to solve the problems regarding mobile usage.

People browse the internet using their mobile devices more and more - that's a fact.

There are some problems that occur when they do (load times, lack of internet, etc) - that's also a fact.

AMP is a solution that is trying to tackle them but it's not the only way they can be solved.



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One of the main concerns for AMP, especially for e-Commerce is that it is cached at a 3rd party. Anything that needs real time pricing, inventory, and purchase interactivity (add to cart, checkout) is not a good candidate for AMP in my opinion.

Google has been pushing for faster page loads, less ads and other practices similar to AMP for mobile ranking for a while. AMP is their way to get more control over this, plus it no doubt is providing them with even more data on behavior.

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I couldn't agree more. Even though I am replying a bit late, this is definatelly still a big thing. We discovered just recently that after installing AMP AmpifyMe and using it for couple of weeks, our mobile visits has increased and we recoreded better sales from mobile users. I assume users liked how fast our AMP pages, developed by AmpifyMe team, are and how look and feel stayed the same, since they developed a custom theme just for our store. Our users do not even see difference between our original shop and AMP pages. Of course we could probably paid a developer to build us AMP pages, but this way we had our store completely AMP ready in just two weeks! Highly recommended app - AmpifyMe


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Thanks for the commercial @Thomas. Yep, seems legit. 


Sorry I'm (Alex from Ampify Me) a bit late to the thread. Reading this is fun, so much spam it's amazing.  


Anyhow, in the spirit of this thread I'd like to mention what is almost like native Shopify AMP solution, in case you want to make your site AMP ready and are already used to Shopify theme editor, give a try to our AMP app. It has the same editor like Shopify, so you will be using a tool you are familiar with and has the same configuration options (we are the only ones that have this kind of editor). 


It also has support for some of the most popular Shopify themes (and we will keep adding them), so you are not limited to just one default template, and this way you can make your AMP pages look and feel the same way as your normal site.

In just a few minutes you can configure everything and have home page (we are the only ones that have this), collection list, collection details, product details, blog list, blog post, Shopify pages... optimized right away. 


One of the most important reasons why you should probably use an app instead of building your own AMP pages is AMP validation. While it's possible to go ahead and create liquid AMP files it will be hard to validate them before Google crawls the pages (you will still need some server/process checking if the pages are valid, instead of letting Google find your invalid pages), and that is probably not optimal if you are building AMP for only one store (in case you need to have your AMP pages match 100% design of your store, Ampify Me does custom themes as well, just send us a message).


But, while AMP is nice, probably the best mobile setup today would be AMP and PWA together. This way, you have instantly loading pages with AMP, and then when customers change and move to your normal site you have PWA already running and creating the great customer experience with push notifications, installable app and etc. Ampify Me has this setup for almost a year now and it's working great for our customers (also we are the only ones with AMP and PWA apps), so it's probably worth spending 5 minutes to research the topic.

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