Is InstaViral Any Good?

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Lately I've been bumping into InstaViral on different sites as I was researching about social media marketing. How much do you guys know about it and do you think it's worth what they are charging for it?

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Hey Vegan, 

Dan here from the Guru team! Thanks for reaching out today through our forums. :)  I have never heard of this site but I'm also not surprised to see it. If you are looking to have a company handle your advertising and marketing for your store I would also suggest trying this new app out Kit. -

It highlights what it can do: 

  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads with audience targeting that works 
  • Post store updates to your Facebook page
  • Send personalized 'Thank You' emails to your customers
  • Send email marketing campaigns to your customers when you have new products to showcase
  • Create business reports for a quick look at your sales stats

I hope this helps; and thanks again for posting. :) Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any other questions or concerns. 


Dan | Shopify Guru