Is It worth paying for someone to add H1 Tags to my site?

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Trying to work out if H1 tags are important to seo this year as they were previously?  If so how much would i pay an expert to do this? I need to get more customers finding me through product search rather than just by my name.  My website is

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Hi Lisa , Leon from the community here

Yes  it can be beneficial to have a specialist to do this for you

  1. Cost-effective
  2. They could research ideas to products that you may not have found
  3. Correctly index keywords the first time around
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I personally would not panic about your products using H2s over h1s. They are extra semantic signals to help seatch engines understand the strucutre of your pages. You have no H1 and one H2, so the same signal is sent. This is the main heading that represents the content of the page.

Google also looks beyond what tags you use. Preople have been trying to fool them with tags for years. So Google looks at what the text actually looks like. Is it big, is it at the top of the page, etc. So some normal text made large and bold could be considered as the heading for the page, without any special tags to guide Google.

The change would probably be trivial. Maybe next time you get a designer to work on something, just ask them to change the main heading to an h1 while they are there.

If you want your porduct pages to rank better, focus on their content. Google wants to send people to pages that are unique and informative.


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Good points Tony

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Thank you Tony