Is it normal for a store to not show up in search engines early on?

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Just launched a brand about 3 days ago, and no sales. II've typed names of my clothing brand including names of specific products verbatim, and they don't come up on Google... Very frustrating...

Or is it normal to not expect sales when first launching? 

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Three days???

It takes quite a while, and quite a bit of work for a website to show up in Google...

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Hey August,

There is a big difference between your store showing up on the first page, and it showing up on Google.

To see whether or not Google indexed your page, type into the search bar. If you see your website in the search results, this means that you are on Google. If you don't, then Google has not crawled your page yet, and you'll have to keep waiting. You can speed up this process by adding your website into your Google Search Console.

Getting on the first page will require active SEO work, that may take months depending on the competitiveness of your business.

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To add to Luis's post, 

if you aren't on webmaster tools yet then go to and enter your site there. 

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