Is my Rafflecopter Giveaway Confusing?

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We launched our first giveaway yesterday and the response hasn't been as expected. Rafflecopter analytics show over 100 impressions yet only a small fraction (2%) have actually entered.

Rafflecopter asks users to "register to win" which they can either do using their email or Facebook account. However they have not actually entered until they perform one or more of the options shown in the box. 

I suspect  people believe they have entered the giveaway once they first enter their email but Rafflecopter cannot provide me analytics on who has done this without actually choosing one of the options in the second step.

Can anyone please view my giveaway and confirm my suspicions? This is our first giveaway and we happen to choose Rafflecopter but we are very frustrated with their format and their support. 

One solution may be to modify the title to explicitly say "sign up to our newsletter to enter and earn additional entries to win" and to only show 3 options: enter newsletter, refer a friend and pin the image. 

Perhaps I am completely wrong in my interpretation and there is another issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Below is the link to my giveaway. Feel free to enter but if you are running a test entry please include the word "test" and I will remove it from the pool later. Thank you!!!



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The issue is the giveaway system and not the signing in for the giveaway. 

Essentially, it's too many steps. It's not that I did not know how to proceed any further, it's more like " THERE'S MORE TO THIS ?" . Had the requirement been simply to sign up, you'd probably have more respondents. And possibly more people would have willingly shared it 




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Hi Ellie:

Your giveaway contest is confusing, i would change it to make it more clear and easier.

What i felt when i was doing the test, is that i did not know when i was in the contest and how to finish the form.

You should definitely make it a little bit more clear.



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I agree, too many steps to sign in, I get discouraged the moment I see I have to login with facebook, which is even bigger than use your email, and the fact that I need to 'log in' also. It would be best if somehow you can do it more streight forward... HIH