Ive used everything and still little traffic and no sales!

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Hi everyone,

Ive been using facebook ads (spending around £10 per campaign), ad words (£50 month) and instagram ads. These drive traffic, around 50 people a day but ive still had no sales. I specifically target my audience to the best of my knowledge after reading article after article. 

Is there something else i can do to consistently drive traffic for free other than posting on facebook everyday? Is there something stopping people from making a purchase on my site?



View my site here -> www.jcjewellery.co.uk

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Hi Jack - I can't see any contact information on your site - it might be there somewhere but it's certainly not obvious.  I found a gmail address in your T & Cs, but you might want to think about getting an @jcjewellery email address - it just looks more professional and is no great expense.  I think, given that many of your products are £250 +, people need to know exactly how they are going to be able to get in touch with you before parting with any money - would you spend £1000 on an engagement ring if you couldn't find a phone number?

You may already do this, but since you have a lot of pieces targeted at the wedding market, I'd find out how you could get involved with wedding bloggers/fairs/photographers/stylists to help promote yourself - they do a LOT of photoshoots that end up in magazines and you will meet lots of great self-employed people.  We used to get asked for hire pieces all the time (back when we used to hire props) and we still get a lot of traffic that way.

Finally, and just my opinion, I'd knock the facebook advertising on the head.  I can honestly say I have never bought anything because of a facebook advert.  You'd do better putting out some PR or even paying for some advertorial space in a wedding/fashion mag IMO.

All the best and good luck, Katie