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@kimt I'm really sorry to hear that, its a very disappointing attitude. I for one would urge you to get up, take Rachel's offer of advice and have a go. We have a few entrepreneurial housewives in our stable of sites (www.absolutepleasuregifts.com, www.elephantrose.com.au). To get the ball rolling, why dont you try sending some press releases into relevant publications. This site:- www.productivegardens.com.au is on fire with sales after being featured in last weeks Courier Mail. You've got a nice site there and from spending last weekend in Byron Bay, I'm pretty sure you've got a market for those , they look great. My Wife's going to set up a sideline in glass beads and I can't encourage her more. If we can offer any pointers please feel free to ask. We moved to QLD from Melbourne 3 years ago and despite all the detractors and with both of us full time in the business, have managed to develop one of the most well known and respected marketing businesses in our area. Dont let people tell you you cant do something. Just do it.
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kimit…as per my post on the other thread (http://forums.shopify.com/categories/1/posts/11575) – don’t feel down-hearted. Look at he positives and give it a go proving the doubters wrong.