Just launched I need help bringing traffic.

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I have done some facebook ads, got me some clicks but cant get consistent traffic.

I believe facebook is my best plaform being able to narrow down to dog owners. But based off my website what do you guys recommened as far as how to be traffic to website?


Thank you for all the help!

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facebook ads and google adwords is very good, I think. 

If you want to marketing your website your also can do seo marketing.

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Hey Roberto Arguello

Took a look at your site and want to ask a few questions.

1. Do you have Google Analytics set up?

2. What's the percentage of bounced visits?

3. Which pages have a higher percentage of bounced visits?

I will appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. I'll be able to help after you give me some insight.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Roberto!

I agree that targeting the dog owners is the right strategy. But, you probably realize that's a saturated market and people are bombarded with the dog food ads on Facebook. In order to succeed, you need to narrow down the niche and target people interested in buying only super-food based dog food or only organic dog food [as you are specializing in these]. Now, it gives you an edge. Use it not only in Facebook ads, but also when reaching out, running shout outs and working on your organic traffic.

What works for me, and my customers, is to join conversations with the potential customers online. You could join discussion groups and forums for the dog owners, who are interested in buying organic / healthy pet food. Then, build a rapport and authority by answering the questions and giving advice. Don't post just to promote your products though - the aim is to build a connection. People buy from people, not from the brands. So focus on a personal approach and earning trust. Over time, people will start getting familiar with your brand, will trust your expertise and will feel confident shopping from you. 

If Facebook is your target platform, try Live videos. Putting your face in front of the camera is the strongest marketing strategy right now - people crave a personal connection online. Don't hide behind the banners and ads. Make sure to stand out.

Also, remember, to give value first, and as a reciprocity, people will start visiting and buying from you. 

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@curtis Thank you for your reply

1. I Believe i do, i put the url or w.e in the settings of shopify like i was instructed to do on a tutorial.

2. I launched July 4th and we have an average of 10 customers a day. We have had 5 purchases through the website. Our average bounce rate on our page is 64.81% below that in small with a red arrow upward it says 94.4. 

A. /7845642297/orders/5487a9cebc6eb5e204f60d75599fe923 ( I have no idea what this is) 100%

B. /pages/turmeric-nutritional-facts-supplier 100%

C. Check out Shipping-75%


Let me know if you have any more questions! i need all the help i can get!

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Thank you so much for the ideas. I think the issue we have is that I dont see many analytics as too how many people are searching for that, and its hard to get to them on FB from what i have noticed.

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Right now on Facebook you can target Dog Owners as a behavior in the detailed targeting field when building an adset.  Unfortunately, Facebook will be taking this feature away soon.  You can however still target by interest!

With my clients, I always give them at least 3 interest based targets to start when creating a Traffic campaign aimed at Landing Page Views.  It's good to try three different angles.  But I suggest taking advantage of the Behavioural targeting while it's still there!

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Hi Roberto

In your opening post you don't mention the product you are trying to sell to Dog Owners.

Dog Owners is very broad as an interest and when starting out with a budget.

Depending on your product you can market it to owners of Dog Breeds.

For Example: Pugs

This page https://www.facebook.com/pugthings/ has 290k followers so will probably appear in the interest targeting when creating an ad set.

You can then add another condition for Homeowners or Dog Training

This will give you people interested in pugs who are also homeowners. A good chance they will be dog owners.

You can then use the dog breed ie. Pug in your Ad Text copy and this will appeal more to the audience and drive higher CTR.

Depending on the product you could easliy duplicate the product page and also add the dog breed into each page. So you will have a more relevant landing page and the buyer will be more engaged.


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If you want to bring in organic traffic instead of buying traffic, you can try to create contents like tutorial videos, blog posts talking about dogs. Creating valuable content can help you to get search traffic because google and web surfers love unique content. 

My company blog drives consistent traffic and sale leads for years without paying a dime. This is the true SEO which involves a lot of hard works. 

Talking about ad, you can take a look at our new ad targeting solution, socialport.io. It aims to improve ad conversion rate via content marketing. Our Shopify App (under my profile image) is working on SEO. Therefore, I have some insight in growing organic traffics 


hey Roberto Arguello,

Before I suggest anything please let me know you want instant traffic boost or you are fine if it takes 2-3 months approx to get proper and stable traffic?

Let me know so that we can continue with the choice you make.

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