Keywords? Please read easy question. Thanks

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I am looking at Google keyword planner now and looking for some keywords and have a question about keywords.

The keywords both have the same amount of searches and competition,

-game of thrones

-game of thrones online store 

My question is should I have both as keywords or just the online shop one as it has online store in the keyword too.

Also does the game of thrones online shop keyword mean I will rank for both game of thrones and online shop?



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Hi Michael,

Try to get ranked for -" game of thrones online store". It's likely to give you more result.

However, You might get ranked better for both keywords if you focus more on "game of thrones online store".

Hope that helps:)

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Yes, you just need one version to be technically optimised for both. 

This doesn't mean you will rank for them, it just means you are optimised for them, I'm sure that niche is highly competitive.  

All the best dude,


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I have some experience running ads.  I generally take each long tail keyword and search it in google.  It it has UNDER 100k results, I use it.  

Going for a word that has too much competition will 1 cause you to spend way to much in ads for that click.  million dollar companies can afford to spend $5/click hundreds of times a day.

If you go with a word that has say 18k searches/mo you could easily rank on the 1st page by using that plus pay little for it.

So I think it depends on how much your really willing to pay to compete.  You will be suprised at how many clicks you can get from searches that "you" may think are silly.  

im in fashion so say I looked at "dresses" and that has over 500k searches/mo at $5.70/click vs "buy cute dress online" at 12k searches/mo at only $1.10/click.