Launching a new matcha subscription service, would like feedback on my landing page

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I posted the same topic in Feedback On My Store, but that is quite focused around Shopify stores. Hopefully I can get some generic feedback here too.

I've sourced a very high quality matcha product and am planning to launch my Shopify store in January 2017. It will be called "Zenful Matcha" and will offer one-off purchases of matcha, as well as the option to sign up to a matcha subscription service - where our matcha product is delivered to your doorstep every month at a reduced price and with some bonus items.

As a prelaunch to build my initial audience, I've set up a "referral rewards" campaign, where users who sign up to my email list get the option to earn free product for themselves if they share their unique link and others sign up to Zenful Matcha using that link.

Here's the issue - we haven't gotten many sign ups.

I've also been building my instagram audience for a few months, @zenfulmatcha

The initial "Sign Up" page is here:

Once a user signs up, they end up at the "Thank You" page, which has a unique URL and contains their share links. Note the end of the URL would normally have a unique extension at the end:

When using the share links, the "Sign Up" page is shared, which also then contains a unique extension at the end. e.g.

I'm only running the campaign until December 15, so I can ship out earned product and have it delivered to the users before Xmas eve.

We've been running the campaign for 5 days already and have received some sign ups, but not a huge amount. I was wondering if I could get some feedback here from other online entrepreneurs, on what I can do to optimise the pages to get more sign ups and sharing?