LeadDyno opinions

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Anyone using LeadDyno? We are launching our app by end of month. Our product is pretty unique, being a fashion copmlement but under our own brand and design. We also offer free worldwide shipping and pretty good quality materials so we expect it to be found attractive.

As the site is new, we don't have any affiliate strategy developed at all, so we would need an affiliate solution, together with affiliate recruitment service and conversion tracking.

I came across LeadDyno and would like to know if someone has had any experience with them? They seem to provide a full solution, which is what we need right now.

Any opinions or recommendations to share?

Together with this, we plan to put our advertising budget on Facebook ads.

Any recommendations on new site promotiones will be welcome. And of course, if there is someone potentially interested in selling our products too I can also provide more details :)

Thanks in advance